Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lions and Tigers and Giraffes

Oh My!
Last week ended up being a fairly busy week.  On Wednesday we went to the zoo.  September-October is, in my opinion, the best time to visit zoos- no field trips, kids are in school, it's not blazing hot so you are comfortable and the animals are comfortable.  We even lucked out and got an overcast day in the 70's.  woot woot. In general, I'm not much of an animal lover and Glen Oak zoo is plenty big for me, especially with small children in tow, but it was a lot of fun.
 We met Mom and Donna there for Lunch.  Checking out the tigers.
 Inside the Budgie cage... so cool.
Just a little bit smaller than a rhino.
 The new baby giraffe was hanging out outside.  So little, and yet, still so big!
 The lions weren't out yet for the day and Cecily really, really wanted to see them so we spent a little time waiting and playing on the playground.  We got home and Emmy was sad she didn't get to finish her kitchen.  Haha. 
We found the lions!  
 Cadence pretty much dozed on and off the whole afternoon.  Somehow the girls came home with more stuffed animals... even though I declared a moratorium on stuffed things a while ago.  Emmy though Cadence needed to have her giraffe.
 Cecily was begging for a pet... Bob heard about these butterflies from a coworker, so these were her "pets" for a week or so.  They came as caterpillars and we got to watch them form chrysalises and then they emerged!  We ended up with four painted lady butterflies from the original 5 caterpillars.  They have since been released, they could only come up with two names- 'Timothy' and 'Emmy'.
I took the girls to lapsit at the library... they've been singing, 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' ever since.
 We hadn't made homemade ice cream this year... and I hadn't made skillet cookies since college... and they both sounded really good... soooo....
They turned out really well.  Sort of spur of the moment/ last minute, I texted some people who I never see because I'm in the baby room all day on Sundays... so Marci, Jason & Anita, and Michael & Holly came over and helped us eat all the unhealthy deliciousness.  Our girls were wild and obnoxious.  *sigh*  Why is it that they always say/do the most awkward/disobedient things when you aren't close enough to stop them/put your hand over their mouths?  Our guests were probably more than ready to get back to their nice quiet houses... 
Harvest started and Dad texted me a picture of a tractor, stuck in the mud...  Emmy asked to see it constantly so I printed it for her.  "Jakey's tractor stuck in mud!  It dirty! Grandpa will help him get it out!" 
After school on Friday, we were ready for a quiet weekend.  I have a feeling that getting Christmas card pictures is going to be ... interesting... again this year.
This week has been pretty quiet.  Other than our normal grocery trip (plus a Big R stop for Copper Sulfate for lab- it's sold out everywhere else because it's a seasonal product, who knew?) we didn't do much until Thursday.  We headed to the farm for the afternoon because Shelly wanted me to help her with a baby quilt.  The girls swam and played with Gus.
While we slaved away in the sewing dining room.  We copied a quilt from Land of Nod that isn't available anymore... but simplified it into half square triangles.  Shells wasn't sure if she trusted me... hehe.
Cadence slept all afternoon, which was great. 
We ended up eating supper with Mom and Shelly and Jake... and the girls got to take Grandpa supper in the field.  And Shelly and I caught a frog and then we almost let it loose in the house.  Ha.  There was much shrieking. 
We got the top pieced... and then I took my tired girls home to bed.  

We managed to get out the door on time for school- minor miracle.  And we did our first lab!  So scary.  They used their alcohol burners to heat up and then recrystallize copper sulfate from solution. Open flames, church kitchen, teenagers doing their first chem lab... it's a wonder I slept that night.  At least the fire extinguisher is readily available.  It went well.  They all got it to work, which makes lab so much more fun.  And there were no unintentional fires.  Plus, I got to wear my lab coat, green safety glasses, and nitrile gloves which always makes for a happy day.  

I sort of kind of enjoy the safety lecture... talking about Willy the Chemist... Willy is no more, what Willy thought was H2O was H2SO4... and poor Carol... Carol didn't wear her safety glasses, now she doesn't need them.  And if you are on fire, stop drop and roll!  We don't have an eyewash station, but.... if you get something in your eyes find a sink and I WILL hold your eyelids open under the water for 15 minutes while we wait for paramedics.  Haha.  Most of it is overkill for this class, but it keeps them on their toes and it's good practice for any future lab classes.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Labor Day, Fishing, and Teaching School

Summer is fast disappearing.  We dug the potatoes in the gathering dusk this evening.  *sigh*  Trading daylight for darkness and all that.  I miss the light already. But it's not as hot!  Hooray!
Silly girls outside...
We spent most of labor day weekend at Sauder's timber.  We did not camp this year, although we did go join everyone during the day.  The weather was pretty much perfect.

Some of the men took the kids to the creek to wade.  My girls are off in the distance... they came back soaked and with lots of interesting rocks.  This picture made me miss our good old fashioned up north/mountain vacations.  Camping, hiking, stopping along the road to wade in creeks...mur.
The swings were in high demand.
Emmy spent a lot of time "moo-ing."
Sunday evening we all got to compete in the Olympics.  My team did not do very well, probably because I was on it...
... Emmy was on our team too, and she was definitely more interested in the shot-put ball than actually participating.   
O man.  Cecily was the sumo wrestler for her team.  That face.  haha.  I don't think she knew what to think. 
Gator rides...
So at breakfast Labor day morning Cecily randomly pipes up with "we never went fishing on vacation! We were supposed to go fishing with Grandpa!"  They weren't busy and it was a nice night so we headed to Uncle Roy's. 
Playing while the men put hooks and bobbers on their princess poles... 
Fishing with Grandpa.
So excited...
Thankfully the fish were biting and Emmy caught one pretty quickly!
"I catch fish!  I catch BIG fish!" 
Then she lost interest and ran off to play.  Cecily was very patient.
And she caught one too! 
We ended up bringing the fish home... in our van garbage can because I didn't think ahead... so we heard fish flopping while driving and it was so weird.  We probably should have taken them to the farm or Matt's because we don't own a fillet knife and I don't know how to fillet fish. (What did we do before youtube!?) Even with freshly sharpened knives at home I still pretty much butchered rather than filleted them.  We ate them for supper the next day and they were delicious. 

Cecily complained that they never get to cook with me so we made brownies.  Ha.   
Friday morning we were up bright and early and out the door to "teaching school!"  First day of teaching chemistry at Co-op again.  I wore my "I wear this shirt periodically" shirt. 
And spilled my water by the door to the classroom. 
Thankfully Cadence slept through it all!  And the older two were excited to see their nursery friends again and didn't want to leave after class was over.

"Can I hold Cadence?"  Cadence was wearing her star shirt, so Emmy wanted her star shirt, and Cecily insisted on pulling out her star shirt from the winter pile so they could match.  I do not have a star shirt.

Sunday evening we headed to Fairbury.  Blake and Kristin invited us for their invite-a-guest... I was not ready to try a full day of visiting another church, no naps, plus supper/singing so we just went for the evening. It was good to see them again!  Cecily had a great time playing (or attempting to play) with Garrett and Emmy had fun running around and sliding.  They both came home with new bruises, so a good time was had by all.  Cadence was not impressed and cried the whole way home.  Ha.  I am glad we didn't attempt all day.   

The girls were a little bit confused that Daddy used to live with Blake and Mommy lived with Kristin... Bob told the girls all kinds of stories about the things Shaker did to 709... and vice versa.  O man.  Back when we were young and dumb. (Cecily thought they were great stories...pianos and snowmen and effigies, oh my! yikes.)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Dog Days

Life picked up the last week or so... not sure how I feel about that. 
Emmy keeps me hopping. She came out of her room "I bein' stinker.  I eat Cecy's sucker." (Insert panic from me because she was supposed to be taking a nap in her room and it had been quiet for quite a while back there.) "I wash my hands."  And... she had washed her hands.  And put what was left of Cecily's sucker neatly back in the wrapper.  She hadn't slept at all though, just got into Cecily's church bag and spread the contents all over her room and eaten her sucker.
This is a party.  It took her a while and some yelling at Emmy when she tried to pull it down... ha. 
I had an eye doctor appointment last week. Woot.  I dropped the older girls off at the farm on my way there, so they had lots of fun.  Cadence came with me so it was pretty much the fastest eye appointment ever.  Haha.  She slept through most of it, but anytime she would stir or make a sound they would speed up what they were doing.  Eye doctors are just a strange breed... mine has a display of the latest MLM skin care line set up in his office... I'm hoping his wife is the rep. 

Mom brought the girls back home on her way to a meeting along with a large bucket of tomatoes, some more canned peaches, and frozen green beans.  I'm so spoiled.

Emmy managed to fall in even though I had the cover on.  *sigh*   
So I made spaghetti sauce. And canned pears.  And somehow I ran out of quart jars!  I was expecting this year to be a bust for canning and freezing with a new baby, but I have more in the freezer and more on the shelf than previous years!  (Thanks Mom!) 
Also, I love my family... when we were doing Farm Bureau peaches and cutting into the lovely unblemished fruit... "man I love pesticides!"  "me too!"  haha.  I mean, it's nice when mom and dad's trees have enough fruit on them, but I don't enjoy cutting into peaches with earwigs crawling out. Ew.   

She's two months old!  Woot woot!
We jumped back into hosting things.  It has been a while... so I was a little stressed cleaning and getting ready...  We hosted our Potluck's babysitting night last Thursday.  There are 16 kids now... all but three are girls.  It went well... got a little bit loud at times. 

Friday I re-cleaned and did some more pears.  It's been so muggy and the mosquitos have been so bad in our yard that we haven't been outside much.  Even with OFF on I still get bit.

My Uncle Ed came for the weekend to go to a HS reunion and brought my cousin and her family with him.  So the girls and I went to the farm Saturday afternoon for a little bit so they could play with little Joshua.  We didn't stay long because one of Bob's coworkers and his family were coming for supper. Jason has two girls just a little younger than each of our girls.  They got along well with our girls for the most part, so it was a nice evening.  I'm going to sound like grandma, but I've cooked better meals before.  Oh well.  It had been a stressful week with layoffs looming and hosting and the girls being exhausting.

Sunday evening we all went to the farm to hang out with the Californians... they left Monday. 

We got to watch Tirzah and Griffin for a little bit.  Cecily and Tirzah are the princesses, and Griffin is the king, so I'm not sure where that leaves Emmy... perhaps she's Cinderella with her broom and dustpan.    
Cadence went to the Doctor and is 89th percentile for everything.  I don't think she will be quite so chunky as Emmy was.  (My back is glad!)   She got her shots and actually took some long naps!  It was kind of nice. 
"Can I has... chips?" 
Cecily was dying to catch a butterfly- so we poked holes in a jar and caught a Silver spotted skipper.  She fell in love with her pet... Bob tried to convince her to let it go that night and she was in tears... poor kid.  She did agree to let it go in exchange for a different pet.  Um... nonononono.  No pets until they can take care of them.  So I think we're going to try a butterfly kit.    
We were at Hobby Lobby and walked past a pattern for simple doll clothes.  Cecily reaaaally wanted it and it looked simple enough for her to sort of understand it, soo.....  here we are making a skirt for Samantha.   (Except she won't put it on Samantha, she wants her own 'American doll.')  She did the cutting and the sewing- with lots of help.  :) 
 She's attempting to thread the elastic through the casing, it didn't go so well.  It does take a lot of coordination.  But she likes to push the pedal and guide the fabric through the machine.  And she was pretty proud of the skirt.   
 So sweet... snuggled up with Daddy.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hm... two weeks since I blogged last... it's the third kid. 
Emmy likes Cadence.  "She cute. I wiping her spits." 
 They have been insisting on dressing themselves... hehe.  As long as we aren't going anywhere I don't fight it.  Although one day I let Cecily wear navy and white polka dots with teal and white stripes to the grocery store....pattern mixing is totally in, right? 
Listening to "Wednesday church."
 She's been smiling more! And sleeping a little bit better!
Elsie and Angie had a party for the nursery Sunday school class.  Cecily talked about it all week she was so excited to go.  She had so much fun eating pizza, jumping on their trampoline, and doing the slip and slide.  Emmy had no idea what to do with herself while she was gone.  :)

Cecily wanted to plant carrots this year... the rabbits finally got to them.  Sad day.  We don't appear to have been growing anything- this is what we grew- less than an inch long. 
 Last Friday was Kids day and Cecily got to go for the first time.  We dropped her off and went to the farm for supper and to do Farm Bureau peaches with Mom and Shelly.  Emmy dressed up in Shell's dress from Ellie's wedding.
We had all the peaches ready to can and two canners going on the stove when a train derailed up at the elevator and knocked out the power... so we packed up our jars in the dark and I brought my share home and canned them late that night.   

Matt is back from Japan so we were all invited to John and Jamie's after church Sunday... and then we went out to Bob's parent's that evening.  Matt brought us presents.  We'll see how long they survive the girls.
 Amusing themselves on a rainy day.
 Emmy makes me tired.  And makes me laugh.  She likes to wash her hands and play in the soap bubbles so I wasn't surprised to hear water running... "I getting drink!" ...her cup was a toilet bolt cover. 

She also says things like, "What we to do?," "I don't no know.," and when I ask if she wants ____, or not, "or not." 
This would be a great Christmas card picture if they weren't in pajamas with their hair messy on the dirty floor...
Not sure where she learned this... 
"I doing 'nastics too Mama!" Also, the hallway is now an art gallery.
 So many of my favorite things in this picture; a canner full of pears, three little stinkers, random vases with random flowers (who picks hostas?), and drawstring bags made by Cecily (her toy sewing machine wasn't working right so I helped her use mine...she was so proud).
We are loving the cooler temperatures.  (They dressed themselves again...) Cecily is doing some 'cool moves' and Emmy is afraid of some noise... Cadence is just chilling in the stroller.    
Tonight we took the picnic quilt outside to look at the stars.  It isn't really dark enough in town, but the girls don't last very long so it doesn't really matter.  :)