Sunday, March 18, 2018

Between winter and spring

I feel like I'm falling behind on blogging... partly because I've had trouble importing pictures to my computer.  And possibly laziness.
FFA strawberries came in, so I spent an afternoon making jam.  I don't bake bread so unfortunately I didn't have any fresh homemade bread to taste test it on.  Sad news, fresh homemade jam on fresh homemade bread is pretty much heaven.  
 Cadence thought it was funny to put the tablet on the toy school bus and push it around the house... except they aren't allowed to have electronics in their bedrooms... 
 Bob and Nathan and Matt hosted Jake's bachelor supper two weeks ago so I took the girls to the farm for the evening.  My father, bless his heart, is taking up bee keeping.  
 We made a paper chain count down of days until the wedding!  They are so excited.  
 I found Cadence with my phone, looking at pictures of Gideon... quite proud of herself, little sneak.
 Cecily and Emmy had a dentist appointment.  It was Emmy's first time and she did great.  She was most excited that she would get treats.  Hooray for new toothbrushes and stickers!
 We can't do the little kid swim times anymore since Cecily is in school, but they do have open swim every afternoon/evening so I took the girls to the "big inside pool."  It's getting much easier to manage alone, the older two are pretty confident with their puddle jumpers on so I just have to deal with Cadence.  And they can mostly dress themselves, which is 3/4 of the battle. 
 We got to watch Griffin for a little bit one morning.  
A rare Walmart trip and they had samples!   Best Day Ever.  (or something)
 When the littlest one thinks she is big enough to help and you're just not fast enough... 
 Last Friday was so nice.  It was a day off school, there was no Co-op, and Bob had the day off work.  No one had to get up and we had no where we had to be.  It was a delightful morning. Then I found a lock of hair in the garbage.  
So..... I've been telling the girls that if kids cut their own hair it hurts really bad, and the only way it doesn't hurt is if an adult uses a special scissors...... today I found a lock of hair in the garbage. 
Me: Emmy! Did you cut your hair? 
Emmy: It didn't hurt! 
#mustnotlaugh #whitelies #curious#couldhavebeenworse#rightbeforethewedding

Thankfully, it's really not noticeable at all. Cecily got to spend the afternoon at Hanna's house; then we went shopping and out to eat in the evening.  It was a good reminder of why we don't do that very often with three crazy girls.  They discovered a talking fridge while I was checking out.  
 Saturday morning the girls and I went to Jake and Rachel's church shower.  They were really good- thank goodness for Janelle's old toys.  Bob had plans with the potluck guys that evening, so the girls and I went back to the farm for supper.  We sang some Sacred Harp- but we only had one book, so we had the ingenious idea to take pictures of the music with our smartphones.  What can I say, we Wysses are smart AND talented.  Haha. Or something.  
 Sunday was Grandpa Beutel's 90th birthday party.  The girls are always so excited to find out we are eating supper at the fellowship hall.... not that they do a lot of actual eating.  Well, maybe dessert.  It was a nice evening.
There have been a few warmer days to enjoy snacks on the porch.
 I almost forgot about Pi day (Crazy, I know!) until Bob mentioned they were supposed to bring pie to work the next day... it was about 8:30pm.  Soooooo... I quick made a batch of pie crust and he got a strawberry and cream cheese pie made with pie filling (sorry coworkers!).  I used the rest of the pie crust to make taco pie and mini apple pies for our supper.  Oh!  And baby Jesus disappeared from our nativity set sometime in December, only to reappear in a fancy purse at the bottom of the dress up clothes on Pi day.  There was great rejoicing! 
 Unfortunately, Pi day did not line up well with my Thermodynamics lecture this year so we did not have pie and ice cream.... I just made ice cream.  Because homemade ice cream makes everything, even Thermodynamics, so much better.  
Swinging in the sunshine. 
 Little Emmy got invited to a Little House on the Prairie tea party on Saturday.  She was so excited to go to Eva's house.  And Hanna came to our house so Cecily wasn't too jealous. She wasn't done eating when I picked her up, no surprise there, so she brought most of her "tea" home.  
We had communion in the evening.  Since W-ton's communion conflicts with Jake's wedding lots of my family came with us and Kandace, Carli, and Cliff watched the girls.  It worked out so well.  
Cadence and Emmy have been snotty and coughing again.  *sigh*  This morning Cadence was coughing up all of her sinus drainage, and needed a kleenex every two seconds so she didn't get to go to church. She was a gross, snotty, mess- poor kid.  The big girls did great at the Easter program tonight.  They were so excited about it, even though I didn't let them wear their wedding/Easter dresses yet.  

Friday, March 02, 2018

Farewell to February

And now it is March already.  Winter might be almost over!  We've been getting outside and there is sunshine!  I don't dislike winters coziness, but then I see the sun and I'm more ready for spring than I thought.  It's been a winter.  Lots of upheaval and brokenness and sadness going on around us... I told Bob not long ago how thankful I am for him and his faith and the HOPE that we have... Our friendly across the road neighbor went to the hospital shortly after Christmas with what they thought was the flu.  Instead they discovered a brain tumor and she never came home.  She was in the hospital for over a month... when he came over to tell me she had gone, my gruff neighbor hugged me (twice!) and cried... how do you be the church to people who don't have a church?  how do you comfort people who grieve with no hope?   
We really had a fairly illness free winter.... or so I thought.  Two Saturdays ago Cecily got sick and spent most of the morning on the couch with a bucket.  Woot.  So we missed Wyss cousins game day, which was disappointing.  But she felt better pretty fast (probably just something she ate, right Dad?) so we all went to church Sunday.  
Emmy's been putting together some hilarious outfits, usually centered around her favorite summer tank top.  At least she's abiding by the no bare legs and long sleeves under short sleeves when it's cold rule?
There wasn't any school President's day, but we didn't do anything exciting.  I started working on the girls' dresses for Jakey's wedding.  The first time I looked online to see what was out there, at the very first website, I found dresses that were the perfect colors and level of dressiness and a really good price.  It was clearly a miracle so I bought them.  In four different sizes. Because although they were the perfect color, they didn't have sleeves.  The easy way would be to have them wear cardigans overtop.... buuuut.... that covers up half the dress.  I prefer my girls to have sleeves for church, and wearing a cardigan in the summer is hot (also not a battle I want to fight).  So I got an extra dress and used the skirt to cut out sleeves.  I don't like putting in sleeves.  Especially in fully lined dresses that are already completely constructed.  But.  It's done now, and it doesn't look too bad. (You'll have to wait for the wedding pics, sorry, not sorry.) 
 She wanted to help stir.  With the spaghetti fork and tongs.
"Mom, I tried on your boots to see if they are your size!"  Cadence has bobby pins in her mouth and my mirror....just like I do. Little mimic.
 Cecily had her first school open house.  She showed Emmy and I all around, and all the cool art projects.
When it's cold and dreary out I feel the need to clean out.  Plus, we just put new shelves in the electronics/toy closet and I made Bob go through all of his random computer stuff so I could organize it.  We threw away a bunch of old obsolete computer parts and software.  Hooray!   
 Saturday evening was the annual Koch Soup Supper. Always good food and good pie.  All I had to bring was pickles, so, win- win. 
Sunday we went to the cabin with Matt, Michelle and Nathan, and Greg and Mary and all of our crazy kids.  The boys practiced grilling for Jake's bachelor supper and the kids ran themselves ragged.
 Little Gideon... so cute.
 This week has been rough.  Emmy and Cadence have had fevers come and go and faucets for noses and coughing that will.not.stop.  Cecily has just been tired and cranky.
Also I was carrying a laundry basket and gouged a chunk out of my hand.  I may have said something along the lines of, "I hate our stupid narrow hallways!"  Seriously, they are barely wide enough to pass code.  It's not like that's a super easy place on a hand to bandage.... grr.  Insert rant about 1960's home designers here. 
 Lynelle came home from school with Cecily and stayed for the afternoon. We had a very giggly lunch and they played inside and outside and even did pretty well with including the younger two. 
 It's nice to get outside again.  Cadence looks like she's tired and not feeling well... poor baby. 
 Last night was unpleasant.  They had been coughing so much... and occasionally coughing up phlegm.  Cadence was sad because her blankie was in the dryer so she was crying/ whining in her crib.... then Emmy coughed so hard she threw up a little bit, not too bad but it got all layers of her bedding.  Mur.  I got no quiet wind-down time that evening, one would stop fussing just in time for the other to start coughing and repeat.  And they coughed all night and it woke me up every time.  No rest for the weary. 
Today was Dr. Seuss day at school.  They were supposed to dress like their favorite character; Cecily wanted to be Sally from "The Cat in the Hat."  She wore a white shirt and a blue skirt and a red bow.... and then spilled her juice all over herself at breakfast.  She was so disappointed.  She put on another skirt and different shirt but it just wasn't the same.  She wanted me to send this picture to her teacher of her real outfit. 
 Mom has been wanting to see the girls since they've been gone in Florida, and I didn't want to take my sick children to Co-op, so she came in the morning while I taught.  I was tired after the previous night and they just seem so pitiful and ill that we got McDonald's for lunch. 
 So rather than leave you with tales of my tired, grumpy, sick children, enjoy this ancient gem found whilst looking for pictures for Jake's scrapbook:
You're welcome.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Be my Valentine

How is February half over?  January kind of dragged, February is flying by.  
I dropped the girls off at the farm last week and went to pick up meat at the locker... I came back to this:  they talked grandma into making cupcakes.  And a mess. 
Usually, on a good morning, the younger two sleep through Cecily and Bob getting up (neither of them are very quiet).  Ideally I can take Cecily to school and be back before Bob leaves for work and I get a few minutes of quiet before they wake up. This particular morning I walked in to Cadence getting breakfast for herself and Emmy.  Ha.  I'd left waffles on their plates on the counter and she'd gotten a chair and retrieved them.  
 We like snow.
 Trying on shoes for Uncle Jakey's wedding.  That's Cecily's hair in Cadence's face... she was unimpressed.
Mom will you draw shapes so I can cut snowflakes? 
She's getting so big!  Happily building towers for herself. 
 So I have a list of things I want to sew someday... check coat off of the list.  These aren't the greatest pictures but I was so excited that I finished it and it doesn't look too bad!  I liked the cool collar/hood combo on the pattern; not as sold on the hood in real life.  It's not quite deep enough and the wool is pretty stiff so it sticks out like a halo.  Ha.  
I was brave enough to wear it to church Sunday.... with my favorite little Emmy model.  I kind of wish I would have gone for a fun color now instead of navy.  Oh well.  Maybe the next coat I sew. 
Friday was a big day.  I got to talk about acids and bases and practical applications a la Picture of Dorian Gray.  (It's so fun to watch their faces! I'm weird, I know.) Then the mail came and Samantha came home from the doll hospital! They were so excited.  She came back in a hospital gown and socks and a bracelet.... and doctors instructions to rest.  Haha.  Her hair looks so much better now and I have satisfied my lifelong curiosity about the doll hospital.  All those years of reading the AG catolog cover to cover, now I know. Also, I apparently have more of an emotional attachment to Samantha than previously thought. 
We also finally got around to opening a bank account for Cadence.  Third kid... Cecily and Emmy were super excited to go to the bank because they have popcorn.   
That evening Michelle and Nathan and Matt came over for supper and to plan Jake's bachelor supper. 
The three littlest were fighting over the doll stroller until they discovered that they could push each other around in it.   
 Saturday evening we went to Bob's coworker Jason's house for supper.  Their kids are close to our girls' ages so they had lots of fun. 
Busy making Valentines.  
 Playing in the snow again.
 Tuesday evening some of the potluck kids came over to make cards and decorate cookies- we were missing 2 families and there were 13 kids.  A little crazy, but fun!  
Cecily got to stay all day at school on Valentine's day and then we delivered our Valentines.  It's always such a blessing to make people smile.  We added the church widowers this year so we got to deliver a valentine to Uncle Cleo- "You've got it backwards!  Boys are supposed to give Valentines to girls!"  He makes me smile, he also said he's celebrating his 99th Valentine's day this year.  
The rest of our day was pretty uneventful.  I made a bunch of red foods for supper and Bob worked late.  Woot.  
 We have the best library ever.  They had a stuffed animal sleepover this week.  The older girls dropped off 'Minnie' and 'Flower' and last night we picked them up.  They read a couple of stories and had a scavenger hunt to find their animals.
Cadence insisted on wearing her pink boots and bringing a kitty and her blanky.   
 Emmy was thoroughly enjoying herself.
 Then they showed slides of what the animals did at their sleepover.  This was a sack race that Minnie and Flower were both in.  I don't remember who won.
 They decorated cookies (and ate them).
 And got a Polaroid picture of themselves and their stuffed animal friend.  Cadence found the book they read.
 Today was school again.  We did a fun titration in lab and got to stay for the soup lunch.  Cecily got to go to Stuber's for lunch while we were gone since Matthew and Alex ride with us to co-op.  It's always interesting having teenage boys in the van- you hear things like, 'listen to this truck and tell me what kind of engine you think it has.'  Um... haha.  
Raising capable, independent women in this house!  She's fixing the table for me.    
 Also, girls after my own heart.  Cake is the best thing ever.