Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It's my favorite season.  And it's been so nice... the last few colder days have been a bit of a bummer.
The girls like to eat lunch outside.  
 And be outside.
 The crossed ankles kill me. 
 Little miss got to go to the farm during testimonies the other weekend.  She had a great time, as usual. We had a good night at church and Emmy even fell asleep for the night during the last one. 
Emmy woke up Tuesday morning with hives... and I just watched her... and then Wednesday she woke up with one eye swollen so I called the doctor to see what I should be doing about them.  They wanted her in right away. (*sigh*  first non- well child checkup visit...)  All I really wanted to know was how much Benadryl I could give her since the package says to ask a doctor if they are under 2 years.  Oh well.  She's fine now and I have no idea what caused it, poor baby.
 Cecily was very disappointed, we were planning on meeting Tirzah at Monkey Joe's that morning for her birthday... but Mary came and picked her up then so all was well.  She had so much fun bouncing and sliding and drinking pop with Tirzah. 
 Emmy and I caught up with them in time for lunch, though she slept through half of it- Benadryl and the trauma of the doctor wore her out.  All my pictures of Cecily bouncing are blurry. *grin*  She's asked to go back every day since.
 Our garden got tilled and we've planted potatoes and onions and peas so far.  Cecily helped and Emmy ate dirt.  She's also fond of rocks which makes me a little more nervous.
This makes so much noise!  I love it!
 On Friday Michelle and Nathan brought pizza for supper and then Michelle and I went to watch Fiddler on the Roof at the High School.  It was great fun!  We grew up listening to the original cast recording of Fiddler on the Roof on my Grandma's old record so I knew pretty much the whole thing by heart.  It was very hard not to sing along.  So Shelly and I gave Nathan and Bob and Cecily a recap when we got back.  Haha.  Lucky them.  Definitely in my top five musicals, and I still like the Zero Mostel version best, although I have the CD with Isaac Stern on the violin and that's pretty good too.

I can't remember if Cecily was taking a nap, or just busy doing something else, but she was loving getting to play with all the "sprinkles" that Cecily usually takes away from her. 
I'm afraid she's going to be a climber.  She can get herself onto the hearth... and tries so hard to get up on chairs.  She tries to get down facing forwards which doesn't always work out so well.
I dropped the girls off with my Mom (at W-ton's WR sewing) so I could go to the eye doctor.  Cecily had a great time with Cliff and Tate and Kyle and the girl in the blue shirt and blue pants and the girl in the gray shirt....  they're twins... and I'm told Emmy enjoyed all the attention she got. Cecily told me later that, "we forgot to sing at grandma's church."  Ha. 

This is the reason the number on the scale isn't budging....     
One good thing about the cold is that I don't feel like spending much time outside so I get more spring cleaning done.  But then the girls are stir crazy... 

Friday, April 10, 2015


And the week in between... therefore, lots of pictures. 
So on Palm Sunday, after Craig and Camille's wedding where I got to see lots of people and didn't get to talk to very many of them (apparently my brother was there- yay for being in the baby room all day), we went to the cabin for Easter with the Beutels.  I made asparagus for the first time this year and it was yummy.  (I did call Grandma for some tips and reassurance... she's always good for it.) 
Bob turned 31 on the 1st!  He requested a Dr. Pepper cake.  It looked pretty, however it was super dense (I don't know what I did!  It's never done that before!) and I accidently used salted butter in the frosting. So that was kind of a bummer for me... but the cake tasted right so Bob was happy.    
 Cecily has been looking forward to Daddy's birthday more than anyone...
 This one just wanted to be done with presents and eat supper.  *grin*
 Helping open the present she picked out for him... with a little prompting... she would have picked something pink and princess-y if she had total freedom. 
 He requested horseshoes for supper... and chocolate milk.  She loved the menu too. 
 I took the girls shopping on Thursday- we went to Menards and then took the long way to the mall.  It was a great reminder of why I usually shop online or stores with carts.  Emmy was only happy when the stroller was moving, and Cecily would focus on one thing/person and walk into things/people because she was still looking at the first thing.  *sigh*  She's pretty sure she needs to try the bungee/trampolines at the mall; she wanted to watch them for a long time.
We celebrated Passover that night.  I let her eat off of my "chin-oh."  Cecily was thrilled. 
 Emmy just loves food.  And will fuss if there is no food on her tray until I get her more.  Haha. 
 Not my idea...
 On Good Friday Mom and Shelly came to help Cecily dye Easter eggs. 
 Ok, to be perfectly honest they came so Shelly and I could dye Easter eggs and not feel silly.  Emmy just watched with her toy peach.
 The final product is so pretty and springy!
 She had Daddy's birthday balloon (picked out by Cecily) all to herself for a minute and she loved it.
 Saturday evening we went to the Koch Easter... Cecily got to hunt eggs.
 She found a few.
 Emmy found a football shaped one too.
 Sunday morning the girls opened their Easter baskets. 
 Emmy was very curious.
 I know there is chocolate in here... now how do I get it?  She face-planted onto a toy the day before and had a lovely cut right under her eye, poor girl.
 All ready in their matching Easter dresses.  I think these are the first dresses I've made that I really, really like (sewing wise).  I can see much improvement in my sewing skills, which is exciting.   
 So we got this bunny romper as a gift... it's probably not something I would choose... but it's cute for Easter.  Except that little miss has very squishy thighs and it just looked so funny on her.  *grin*  And it was a little chilly out so she got to wear something warmer to the farm.
 One of the van tires had a slow leak so we piled into the civic for Easter #3....  woot woot.  It was a tight fit.
 She got to eat off "chin-oh" at Grandma's house too!  At her own little table! 
On Monday we slept in and walked to the park while our tire got fixed.  
Chocolate bunnies go on sale after Easter...
 The chickens were having a wedding.  And Emmy was getting into trouble.
We've been playing outside when it's nice.  Today Cecily was sliding down the cellar door and Emmy was trying her hardest to get up it too... so funny.
Oh, and Cecily fell down the basement stairs and cut her lip.  "The poor geerhl.  She was very sad. Daddy will ask her what happened to her lip." 
And Emmy decided that she knows how to climb stairs. Ayiyiyiyi.  I was downstairs with her and Bob had blocked the stairs with some crates... I turned around to check on her because she was making happy noises and she had moved the crate out of the way and was three steps up.  I guess we may need to get a gate.  And keep the door shut at the top. 

Sunday, April 05, 2015

He is Risen!

If He had only taken us out of Egypt and not judged the Egyptians:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He had judged their gods but not slain their firstborn:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He had divided the Red Sea but not allowed us to pass through on dry ground:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He allowed us to pass but did not drown the Egyptian's armies:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He had fed us with manna but had not given us the Sabbath:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He had given us the Sabbath but not the Torah:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He had given us the Torah but not led us into Israel:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He had given us Israel but not built and consecrated the Temple:
Dayenu! It would have been enough!

If He had only provided atonement for us through the death of the Messiah:
Dayenu!  It would have been enough!

Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!
Dayenu! It is indeed enough!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March brings the hope of spring,

In swampy places peepers sing... 
Cecily likes to 'talk to the pictures' of that book all by herself.  It's cute.
She's not content to scoot- now she wants to stand.  And help her big sister bug daddy.
This game didn't last long... ha.  Oh look, she actually is wearing 'sticking-on pants.'  (Daddy wears 'sticking-off pants' a.k.a. not leggings.)
We got to take Tirzah to story hour twice this month!  Cecily loves it when she comes... they play really well together so I don't mind it either.  *grin*  They requested peanut butter and jelly and bananas and chocolate milk for lunch. 
 Her embouchure needs work, but she looks so cute with her cheeks puffed out blowing raspberries...
 Off she goes with Cecily's broom.
 Last weekend was busy, but good.  The girls and I went to school on Friday, stopped at a flower shop on our way home to get some red and white flowers for Kayla (because, "...though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow..."), and then delivered them.  Cecily was very excited but very shy... haha. 

Saturday night we went to Communion.  Long story, but we were scrambling for a babysitter two days before; thankfully Sharon's neighbor girl wasn't busy.  And we're not sure what she thinks of us because Cecily spent an hour coloring the new color magic coloring book that she was not supposed to get out of her church bag...  Cecily told me that she 'listened to church music' so it was ok.  um...  Poor babysitter was probably bored out of her mind!  *sigh* 

Communion was good.  I really don't mind hanging out in the back with Emmy; it's nice to not have to sit still for so long.  It was really good to see Rod again- I even got a hug (aww)!  It's been a very long time...  Lester was not my favorite place to visit growing up, but I always enjoyed going to their house.  My first memory of the Bajema's is the toy semis... and using window markers on my glasses with Kelly.  Once we stayed there on the right weekend and got hot air balloon rides.  I finally got to meet Sue, so now I can put a face to the name.  

I never thought I'd say that I kind of love the Metzger connections, but I do... Sally and Tami were in church recently and it was fun to see them again.  Usually Jeanne and I are the lone representatives of the Fred Metzger family.  *grin*

So then Sunday we went to Washington for my cousin Kayla's baptism.  And my mom served lunch.  The girls and I spent the morning in the kitchen "helping."  Providing moral support?  Something like that.  It was a good day, though I feel like I barely saw anyone.  I saw lots of people across the room! 

This little stinker is not nearly as contrite as she appears.           
 Nothing is safe.
 And she's stuck.  She can screech pretty loudly when she's unhappy...
 Mmmm, bananas. 
 We got a new kitchen table!  It was delivered at 3pm Friday.  We had potluck at 6pm Friday.  This is Cecily and Emmy's interpretation of "don't make a big mess, there are men coming with a new table and then we are having company."  This is probably also the definition of karma.  *sigh*  (I know it doesn't look that bad, but little toys scattered all over to pick up.)
 O don't mind me, I'm just chilling under the piano with one leg in the air.
 I let her have pudding for her first snack at the new table. 
 It's so pretty.  And then I got out my china ("chine-oh") and set it for potluck.  I'm raising another generation of china lovers, yay.  She wanted to touch it so bad.  I let her put the napkins around, which she loved. 
 We still needed the old table to fit everyone, since we have 14 people in potluck and the new table (like the old one) only seats 12 uncomfortably. 
I keep staring at it.  Ha.  Potluck went well, the meat turned out, everyone else is a phenomenal cook so I ate too much, no lack for good conversation, and Emmy was pretty good.  If you're looking for a good coffee table book or need an Easter basket suggestion, I would recommend The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe by Theodore Grey.  You'll never lack for interesting (that was up for debate) things to talk about at potluck!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today I wore flipflops

And then I went barefoot.  And it was awesome. 
This little missy, however, is fond of shoes.  'I love my brown shoes, I love my brown shoes!'  ahem.  sorry, Cecily loves Pete the Cat....
 So this was one of the last cold days... playing with all the animals in the tent. 
 Sometimes she will be quietly playing in one room and suddenly take off for another room.  She knows exactly where she's going and what she is going to do when she gets there...
A demonstration of her Carli-style scoot:
 Daddy fed them a snack this evening...
 ...obviously...pringles and pudding...  no wonder they like him better. *grin* 
 We've been keeping busy.  My parents came back from Florida and we met them for pizza one evening.  We went to Grandpa Beutel's birthday party last Sunday.  We went shopping at 'Targamit and my red grocery store' (aka target and Kroger).

Cecily is loving story hour.  I ask her about it when she's done and she doesn't remember anything, but then over the next few days she sings me songs and tells me stories from the 'lib-ary.'  They bring the kids out in a line (it's so cute!  C and Tirzah and Hannah and Dean and Asher.... hehe) to pick out a book to check out...  and of course they all pull one at random.  Then we go home and read them over, and over, and over again.  By then she knows the story well enough that she can read it back to me...

Emmy likes to read too!    
 Sometimes when she takes off down the hallway she goes right into Cecily's room and straight to the dollhouse.  So far Cecily doesn't mind her playing with it. 
 I was cleaning and it's finally warm enough to take the rugs outside to shake them out.  So the girls came too.  Emmy scooted to the end of the porch so fast... so I stuck her on the driveway... and she went about halfway down and just sat.  Ah freedom.  haha.  She's going to wear holes in the seat of her pants. 
 Cecily prefers climbing, singing loudly, and picking leaves.
 So here is the furnace screen all painted and pretty.  Eeeeee it makes me smile.  I saw this painted cross stitch idea on pinterest (of course) and decided to try it on the peg board.  Bob just rolled his eyes, but I like it a lot.  It was fun to do, and so much faster than regular cross stitch.  *grin* 
 I know, I'm weird.  It was rather late at night, but what else am I going to do once the girls are in bed?  Plus, I love painting and cross stitch! 
Today was Pi day.  An epic Pi Day since Pi to 10 digits is 3.141592653- therefore on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 it was the best thing since Mole Day!  haha.  We celebrated in Chemistry class (since they all do math on their own) and I love making pie.  I made mini pies in a muffin pan and told a lame joke- "What do you get when you divide the circumference of a bowl of ice cream by its diameter?  Pi a la mode!"  Mole day jokes are so much better. 

Though I don't hate winter, it has been wonderful to go outside.  We've been picking up sticks and today I cleared off flower beds and trimmed some vines back.  The yard is still muddy/soggy/not stroller friendly so I put Emmy in the backpack carrier and lug her around that way.  Little papoose.  She loves it and I can push a swing and pick up sticks and use a wheelbarrow.... Bob laughed and called me a pack-mule because I had Emmy on my back and Cecily insisted on a ride in the wheelbarrow- ha!  I decided I didn't need any extra exercise today.  

Oh and the neighbor came home while we were outside and her husband was helping her unload groceries from the trunk... "I don't want to see that boy's bottom, mommy."  O dear.  Pretty sure they could hear her.  And so it begins.... 

Actually, we made a rule at our house that we can't talk about bodily functions or bottoms/butts/stinkers/etc. unless we are in the bathroom because otherwise that is all that would be talked about... so instead she has conversations with herself that go like this; "I have a little bottom, don't talk about it Cecily, she doesn't want to talk about bottoms, it's not a nice thing to talk about, she doesn't want a 'pankin."  I laugh.

Anyway.  Yay spring!