Thursday, July 05, 2018

Birthdays and Vacations and Fireworks, Oh My!

One of our accidental traditions is to get a birthday balloon at the grocery store for the girls.  But we forgot to get Emmy one this year... so they picked out two for Cadence's birthday.  Cadence got a nice, small, mermaid balloon.  Emmy picked out a rather ostentatious, sparkly mermaid.  It's as big as she is.  So they tucked her into bed for a nap. 
 Seriously, this thing will startle you if you meet it in a dark hallway.
 We were in Missouri on Cadence's birthday so we celebrated at home a few days early.  I went simple this time and used up some fondant from Emmy's cake to make a few animal figures for Cadence.  All of my church play-dough skills came in handy!  That and some instructions from online. Two meows, a puh-puh, and a quack quack- I added the pendant bunting because it looked cute.  
 She was pleased.  And wanted to play with them, so it went up high until Bob got home, poor kid.
 "Mom, take a picture of us!"
 In the afternoon I got a filling while the girls played at Kenna's house.  Then finally it was time to celebrate our almost 2 year old!  
 Silly girl didn't actually eat any cake, just chewed on the fondant animals.  Ick.  
 She had a rapt audience for presents.  One piece of paper at a time. Eventually it was a new umbrella.
 I think the Beutel kids have this toy and I was kind of at a loss for what to get her- we have one of almost everything it seems.  It was a hit with all three of them.
 Thursday after lunch we packed up all of our stuff and headed to Mark Twain Lake Missouri for the weekend.  We were the first ones at the resort so we had plenty of time to unpack and explore.  And say hello to the alpacas.  
 ...from a distance... hehe.
 We checked out the pool.  We had to try it out after we ate supper.  It was not a very hot evening so I was cold, but they all loved it.
 The rest of the family showed up and we all went to the beach in the morning.  
 Emmy is trying to fill up a pool in the sand, Cadence is watering weeds.
 Just chilling in our cabin.
 Painting while Cadence slept.
 Fighting over Grandma's lap and reading books.
 On Cadence's actual birthday we had cupcakes and candles.  That sad little face- Daddy wouldn't let her touch the flames!  
 She cheered up.  
 Jakey and Rachel gave her chapstick, which she loves.
 And new sunglasses! 
 And then we went swimming for the third time that day in the evening.  
Saturday was a really hot day.  They wanted to swim in the morning, so we did, but after lunch it was just too hot.  Instead they went to the game room and got ice cream at the office.
 I missed it since I was back with Cadence, who was sleeping.  
 Emmy: "I love Rachel.  (pause)  And I love you."
 And then it was time to pack up and come home.  Emmy especially was very sad, poor girl.  Loaded up and NOT ready to go home. 
I should have been only about a 3 hour drive home, buuuttt.... I made a poor lunch choice and we sat at a tiny A&W for over an hour.  We got there right behind a large group of kids (I gathered they were on a mission trip) and it took soooo long.  And it was crowded so the girls and I were waiting out in the heat on their patio tables.  Oh well.  We eventually got our food and we didn't have any need to get home so it wasn't the worst thing.  
Monday we did laundry and went to lake day briefly.  Cadence and Aliyah enjoyed the swings.
 They were pretty happy to be there.  Cecily was very hesitant about going to the "mossy lake" but the moss wasn't bad this time and she got to swim with Lynelle.
 They were all upset that they had to get dried off early to go to Cadence's doctor appointment.  She's healthy and does not like the Doctor.  It was hilarious.  
So between vacation and just plain not wanting to go out in the heat I have been ignoring the garden. Bob found some beans so I picked them in the humidit and the bugs after 7pm.  Ugh.  And there were some cucumbers hiding on the vine that were really fat.  
 I am not ready to start doing produce.  But I am ready for summer flowers!  
 We didn't do much on the fourth.  It was hot.  The girls and I went to Ron and Kary's for fireworks; Bob panzed on us.  Cadence thought it was great.  She made friends with Aunt Pearl and kept Grandma Lydiann supplied with glow bracelets. 
 Emmy was pretty pleased with her "July shirt" and glowing star headband.
 We brought lots of glow sticks.  Mom was kept busy getting everybody glow sticks. Jack got a red one.
 Poor Shelly had Cadence and Gideon on her lap for a while.  Cadence liked the fireworks... Gideon was not as impressed and did not want Cadence on his mommy's lap.  
 We had root beer floats while we waited for the traffic to die down.  Cadence stole mine, then she stole my cookie. 
 Cecily spent the evening playing on the play set, watching fireworks briefly, then back to the play set.  She made a new friend, but she wasn't sure what her name was.  Haha. Social bug.
It was late so I had them put their pajamas on before we left and we looked for fireworks out the windows on the drive home. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Just keep swimming...

We jumped straight into our busiest week of the summer... swimming lessons and bible school in the same week!  It was great fun... or something.  
Emmy got to start lessons this year.  She did great!
 Poor little Cadence does not like to be left behind.  The first time I took her in her clothes.... bad idea. She was so. so. mad. Screamed for pretty much the whole lesson because she wanted to get in the pool too. 
 So I asked and they said it would be fine if she splashed in the kiddie pool during lessons.... the rest of the week went much better.
Bob taught Bible School so he took the older girls with him in the evening and Cadence and I got to spend some quiet evenings at home.  
On the last day of lessons for the week they get to jump off the diving board.  Cecily doesn't hesitate.
 Emmy's a little bit less adventurous.  The lifeguard pretty much handed them down to the water.
 Just like the big girls and so now I'm happy!
 She dressed up all on her own.  Silly kid.
We watched Grace and Eden Friday morning.... I think the craziness of the week was getting to them... there were two incidents involving blood.  *sigh*  I was glad that Bob had the day off to help with the fallout.  We were all glad that it was Friday and the last night of Bible School.
Marci invited us over for a cookout Saturday evening.  The girls insisted on swinging.  I'm not sure if I can show Luci's little's face so I won't, but she's adorable. Then they had lots of fun playing with Marci's old toys.  They wanted to come back the next day...    
 We went out to eat with Bob's family for Father's day and then chilled at home for the evening.  
I made frozen hot chocolate one evening.... Cadence was a fan.
 So I used some of the fabric my neighbor friend gave me to make myself a shirt.  I loved the blue and orange flowers... because I love blue and orange... even though it is sort of vintage/70's-ish.  
 We had four more days of swimming lessons.  Cadence had lots of fun splashing with Laural.   
 One last time off of the diving board for Emmy. 
We celebrated the end of our super busy two weeks with McDonald's.  They wanted to eat it at the little table.   
 Friday night Pinky's.  We split a whirlwind, but she insists on having the cup it came in... 
It was our turn to serve lunch at church on Sunday.  Always exhausting.  And it was a small Sunday so we had GOBS of food left.  Is that even a word?  Extreme excess.  So. Much. Too much.  We gave most of it away but still...
After a few hours to regroup we went to the Sunday School picnic.  The girls had a great time.  Cecily played with her friends, Emmy spent most of her time on the swings, and Cadence thought the pool full of drinks and ice was awesome.  And then we tried to go home and Cadence threw a huge fit because she didn't want to leave...
Donuts for breakfast!  Haha.... so after two days of donuts for breakfast they were completely uninterested in donuts and asked for cereal.  It feels really wrong to be pushing donuts on them... but they're not going to last... I don't want to waste them...
 Luxury resort in our own backyard...
 The library had a reptile program on Tuesday.  Cecily touched every snake and lizard they had.... Emmy's body language!  She was not quite as interested. Ha. She ended up coming back by me and Cadence.
This was a big snake. 
 Then they brought out an even bigger snake!  And she's holding it!  
 Cadence was getting a little restive but she was happy to pet the tortoise at the end.  
One of these days we'll have time to relax this summer.