Sunday, July 24, 2016

July is not my favorite month

The garden is officially a jungle, it's hot, and I'm tired.   
Playing outside before it got so hot and humid... Cadence wasn't too sure about the great outdoors...
Our air conditioning was not keeping up so we got it serviced... and now it's so delightfully cool!  I don't enjoy heat. 

I finally took the girls swimming last Saturday at Peg's pool....a REAL pool... with lots of help from Mom and Shelly.  Cadence slept inside the whole time.  Natalie brought Adela and Graham over to swim too.
Cecily had a great time with them.  I have no idea where she gets it... "Hi!  Will you be my friend??"  I'm pretty sure there was at least one trip to Iowa when shy little me didn't say a word to our hosts' kids... 
That evening we went to a meet-the-family extravaganza for Tom and Andria...  she slept through most of it in her styling buffalo checks. 

We all went to church for the first time last Sunday. We survived.  And then we spent the evening at Bob's parent's because Sprout was home.  We came home pretty early because I was tired.  Exhaustion reigns supreme...
Outside in the stroller. 
Bob went back to work this week.  The girls and I needed a completely normal week... it went pretty well.  We managed to all be dressed by noon every day, and we went to the grocery store, and even played outside a little.
Then it got so crazy hot so we've mostly been inside.  They like humidity about as much as I do.  It's hard to see, but she loves her scissors and tape... she is a spider because she cut out and taped 8 legs to her legs.
More coloring... I don't remember what the thing on her head was supposed to be.
BabyCay-enceMae.  We made it through the three week growth spurt! Woot woot! 
Maybe they have a future as mixed media artists?  There was a little bit too much 3D-ness going on with all the tape and pipe cleaners and beads so we're down to two pictures now. 
Yesterday the girls and I went to the farm to do sweet corn. Hallelujah. I am so spoiled and now my family is too... we are not overly fond of grocery store corn in any of its forms.  It was a sad day when we ran out of last years corn. We did three feed sacks full of ears (there is much debate over what that translates to in bushels) and got 56 pints total.  Cadence got to meet Jake, the girls played in the water with Shelly, Lena brought a crazy inflatable ball, and we all ate pizza for supper.  I was exhausted.
We split the day for church today because Emmy has had a fever.  Bob and Cecily went in the morning and Cecily got to go back with me and Cadence in the afternoon. 
We got pictures back!  (photo credits to Life and Peace Photography) The flower crowns were totally worth it...
They are laying on the quilt I made for Cadence.  It makes me smile. 
Cadence got a little crown too... Bob is completely outnumbered and he loves it.
So peaceful. 
...and awake.  :) 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Aye, there's the rub

We've been settling in... trying to sleep... Cadence is a pretty good baby, the girls are adjusting, I'm tired... woot.

Stickers, pipe cleaners, beads, and a shoe? 
They like baby 'Baby Cay-ence-may.'
They also like all the extra screen time they have been getting. 
Daddy and his girls...

The annual Koch family water fight was July 3rd.  The older girls went with Bob, Cadence and I hung out at home. It was kind of a rainy, cool day for a water fight, but they had fun. 

On the 4th, Nathan and Shelly came to visit. Matt and Lena and Jack stopped in for a little bit too.  Bob and Nathan worked on their game board.  Hehe. 
We did not attempt fireworks... instead we found the live stream from NYC and watched fireworks online.  It wasn't quite the same... but, they had cool patriotic music to go with it and we didn't have to go anywhere or deal with scared kids. 

Sleepy baby.
Bob and Emmy checking out the raspberry situation.
 First family walk.  It was a short walk for my sake. 
 They rode their bikes for a while.
 On Saturday we got family pictures/newborn pictures taken.  I splurged on flower crowns for the girls... just because they are so cool and pretty.  I can't wait to see how they turned out! 

Then the girls went to the farm because Mom and Shelly needed a reason to sit in the sun... hehe. 

They packed up the stroller and were playing vacation... complete with swimsuits over their clothes..

Cecily has a list of things she wants to do that I kept telling her we might do after the baby came... the sprinkler was the easiest so we got it out today.
 Silly girl.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Cadence Mae

Born Wednesday, June 29th, at 8:48pm
8lbs 15.5oz (...sooo basically 9lbs...), 19.5 inches long
very squishy. 
 So she was about a week overdue... kind of an emotionally difficult week overdue for me... it seemed like I was suddenly surrounded by friends dealing with difficult pregnancies and losses, and here I was "overdue" (don't even get me started with ESTIMATED due dates) with a perfectly healthy, though potentially very large, little girl. 
At about 37 weeks, they estimated her weight to be 8lbs 11oz... which is big... but, the EFW sono margin for error is so large!   The scientist in me wanted to tell them they were crazy and 20% error is NOT publishable data and I did not want my medical care based on that.  I refrained, of course, and resigned myself to fight induction/ C-section to the bitter end.  It didn't help that there are a bunch of Dr's and midwives that I see and they all have slightly different ways of wanting to deal with suspected macrosomia... mostly they were hands off, but they reminded me of the risks of shoulder dystocia every.single.time.  I know what it is thankyouverymuch now leave me alone. 
At 40 weeks they asked if I wanted to schedule a C-section.  Um, NO! At 40&5 I agreed to schedule an AROM induction for 41&6 since I didn't think it would get that long. (I was right!)  I also just happened to run into my mom's friend at Walmart whose daughter had a 10 pound baby 12 days overdue... I got in touch with her and she calmed me down a lot and was super encouraging... 
Oh, did I mention I was totally planning on not wimping out and skipping the epidural this time?  (No judgment- I do not regret the epidural with either of the older girls!)   So since I know myself and my utter lack of courage and resolve I hired a doula.  (Apparently I am getting very crunchy-granola in my old age.  hehe. Bob was not so sure about it.) I was really glad for Bethany the last few weeks... she's a believer so not only was she a great pregnancy resource, she was also spiritually encouraging. 
So anyway, after weeks of different possible signs of labor and nothing happening we get to Wednesday.   (Don't worry, this is the family friendly blog version...)  I had supper on the table at 6pm... and suddenly was wondering if my water had broken.  But, getting the girls to eat is most important, right?, so we ate and I was texting Bethany trying to decide what exactly to do while telling Emmy to quit draping spaghetti over her cup and eat it.  I cleaned up supper and started the dishwasher, while Bob got the girls ready to go. Mom came and got them at 7, I tried to call the doctor's office but the line got cut off twice, Bethany was on her way to our house and at 7:30 I suddenly was having really strong contractions.  (If my brain had kept up with what was happening, I should have realized that it was probably transition....).
I think it was at this point I informed Bob that we aren't having any more kids, I wanted to go to the hospital, and I wanted all.the.drugs.  He wanted to wait until Bethany got to our house... we left pretty much as soon as she got here .  The drive was rather miserable... plus Bethany almost got hit by a semi.  Yikes. 
We did finally make it to the hospital and in the ER they said we would probably make it up to Labor and Delivery.  Bob said the guy from ER that was pushing the gurney was looking a little bit nervous though.  Ha.  I was pretty unaware of much at that point.
There weren't any rooms available in L&D so they took us to a recovery room... Bob and Bethany managed to get suited up at some point.  The midwife that was on call hadn't made it in yet, so Cadence was delivered by the OB resident on the floor at 8:48, 10-15 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.  My midwife got there about 5 minutes later... ha.  And there was no time for an epidural so I did it naturally, in spite of myself.  :) 
More pictures, because that's what everyone is here to see...   
She looks a little unhappy here.
Aw, hello world!   
Bethany and Cadence (yes, I cropped myself out of this picture, no one needs to see that. hehe.)
She looks so big here. 
Those cheeks!  Haha.  They aren't quite as pronounced now, sadly.  This is also my I-can't-believe-that-just-happened face. 
Anyway.  The rest of the hospital stay was less than stellar.  By the time we were discharged Friday morning every bed in the unit was full and they were double bunking people so I had two different roommates.  Bob went home to sleep and I couldn't sleep because they were getting someone settled at 2am... ugh. Apparently every baby in the area decided to be born this week.
And then when they finally got all our discharge stuff together we rushed out so fast I forgot to take a going home picture... so here is an arriving home picture.  She looks so little in her car seat. 
Mom brought the girls back home to meet her.  They had a great time at the farm... mom even took them to Holland's for candy. 
They were excited to hold her, even though it doesn't look like it.
"My turn! Hold baby! She nose! (pointing at her nose)"
So we are all adjusting.  The older girls are a little fragile due to all the excitement and being away.  All four girls took naps today.  Haha.  Poor Bob, so outnumbered. 
Oh, and her name.  Since I'm sure people are going to think it's weird... and I always said no nouns...  I have heard it as a name before, although I've never seen it in the Silver Lining. I knew it as a marching band thing since it's a musical term.  Mostly I just thought it was pretty and Bob was ok with it.  Haha.  One of the nurses described it as 'sounding old fashioned, but very current.'  Which is true, I can totally see a Cadence sitting down to Victorian high tea with a Josephine and a Cornelia and a Samantha... :)  And we waffled between a few middle names, but I decided I liked Mae best, and the old fashioned not the month spelling, of course. 
* If you want the non-blog friendly version of the story, I'll be glad to email you...
**If you have no idea what a doula is (I didn't)


Monday, June 27, 2016

Fell deeds awake!... Forth Eorlingas!


Sorry.  Bob has declared war on the vermin in our yard... current tallies for species removed is: rabbit- 12, vole-1.  There's still at least one vole and a chipmunk at large, and I'm pretty sure the rabbit population is never ending.
It's been quiet around here.  This will probably go down as the summer that we spent inside.  I feel guilty, but... it's hot.  And the humidity is killer.  And they wilt in the heat just as fast as I do.  I would let Cecily go out by herself, but she doesn't think she can ever be alone, and I don't trust Emmy out with her without me... so.

Bob did get their pool down and they've splashed in that a few times. 

The toys are mostly picked up and they're reading quietly!  Will wonders never cease! 
We didn't make any plans for Father's day.  I don't think Bob was very sad... we hung out at home and grilled burgers (I didn't burn them! Yay!).  
Other than the grocery store and another crazy long appointment we really didn't go anywhere the rest of the week.  Pathetic, I know. 

They've been getting too much screen time because I'm tired.  'Mountain Men' is a new favorite... that plus Bob's rodent war adds up to girls asking to go out and check the trap line.  hehe. 

Cecily must have been paying attention at bible school... she was playing and didn't want Emmy to touch her stuff- "No Emmy!  Don't yield to temptation!!"  um.... right.

We try and go outside in the evenings if it's not too buggy.  (Apparently hormones are making me exhale more CO2 than normal??  I'm contributing to global warming!  And also a major mosquito magnet.  'Buskito." "Spugito." "Mugito.")

Tonight they were catching 'lighting bugs!'  And Cecily discovered how to make glow jewelry out of them.  Yay.   
We've been picking peas... I replanted the lettuce that the rabbits/voles ate... one good thing about the dry weather is that weeds haven't been growing so the garden doesn't even look that bad.  Plus I strategically planted sunflowers so I can't actually see the weeds from the house. 

Otherwise, all quiet on the western front. 


Friday, June 17, 2016

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer

It's been pretty quiet around here.  We haven't been making many plans and it's been so hot... the girls are getting bored.  Oh well, I am perfectly content to be a lazy bum. 

Her baby needed a "fresh dipey."
Awww... look at them.  So sweet, so well adjusted... big sis reading to little sis... so fleeting and unusual. Ha.   (They are currently fighting over a blanket...)
This is a little more like it.  Stickers, no pants, not sharing well.  
Bible School is this week.  Cecily is loving it.  "I get to see my friends and do a craft and play games!" She's so excited to bring her craft home tonight... woot.   

Their pool is still in the garage attic, and it has been so hot that I am completely unmotivated to go outside even if water is involved.  But I was feeling guilty so we improvised- the sleds are still readily accessible!  The neighbors probably think we're crazy.  (although, they probably already did)
We went to Krenda and William's house this morning just to get out a bit.  They have a real pool, although the girls were more interested in his toys.  The way he's looking at Cecily in this picture just makes me laugh... 
And a random parenting fail (or win, depending on how you look at it...):  I have a shelf of kids books that are off limits; mostly from when I was younger, or they were at my grandma's house, or the girls aren't quite old enough for them and I would like them to stay nice until they will actually enjoy them.  Anyway, Cecily climbed up one day and was looking through them and I said she could pick a few to read before bed... aaaaand she picked out Struwwel Peter.  (Classic German Children's book, unlike any children's book you've read before!)  It's available to read online at Project Gutenberg.  You should read it.  Most of it went completely over her head... until we got to The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb. She is developing a nail biting habit (gets it honestly from me, unfortunately) and I glanced over while reading about the long legged scissor man coming to cut off his thumbs... her face!  Wide eyed, hands clutched to her chest in horror.  Ooops! Ha!  I wanted to laugh... but... maybe this was a bad idea!  ...But... maybe now she will quit biting her nails! "Jesus didn't make a scissor man.  Jesus wants me to have my thumbs!"  Poor traumatized child. 


Thursday, June 09, 2016


Well, it's officially after Memorial Day so we can all wear our white shoes to church!  Or in my case flip-flops, because: elephant feet.  (Sorry Grandma)   
The girls and I went to the park for the Memorial Day service.  They were pretty good.  I did sort of bribe them with the promise of playing at the park afterward.  Emmy was not at all afraid of the guns, which was great; Cecily and I jumped all three times.  They had a great time "I sliding" until I got too hot and it was time to go home for lunch. 
After lunch we picked up Grandma Beutel and went to Restmor to set up Grandpa's new laptop.  The girls did good for a while. Ha.  I have learned to bring things to keep them occupied so they don't completely make themselves unwelcome. 
The rest of the week I felt very discombobulated.  I am a creature of habit and I do all my housework on certain days... we have laundry day, grocery day, errand day, cleaning day, etc.  So the holiday had me all mixed up. Add in a doctor appointment and I was way behind my normal schedule.  Woe is me.  
Emmy was finally mostly bruise-free (Oh, that sounds awful! She's just clumsy, especially when she's tired! I promise!) so we got 2 year pictures, finally. It was super hot, but they still wanted to play on the tractors.  Silly girls.   
 Bob took the girls shopping that weekend and came home with a bike helmet for Emmy.  She thinks she needs one when she rides "my red bike" and it may not be a bad idea, considering her track record.  She needed to take a nap with it too.  Oh, this girl-she's under there somewhere.  She usually has at least 1 doll, 2 stuffed animals, 3 blankies, a calculator ("my phone"), and whatever else strikes her fancy in her bed with her.  She really doesn't even need sheets.
 All ready for a bike ride!

The girls got to go the farm while I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon.  My 20 minute appointment stretched into an hour... ugh.  I am so over the doctors office. 
I got the infant car seat out... we are going to have to watch her like a hawk.  She is twice as motherly as I've ever been.  Cecily was pretty uninterested in Emmy when she was born, this could be a whole different story. 
Cecily is obsessed with the alphabet and sounds and words...  which is great.  Except "What does ____ start with, Mom?," "_____ starts with T Mom!," over and over all day long gets really old.  *sigh*  But I was very proud when she was sounding out (with some help) and writing what her chalk drawings were on the driveway.  You can see "ANT" behind Emmy.    Bob took Cecily to the T-Fest carnival tonight and Emmy got to go on a short walk with me.  Then she proceeded to use her "green shovel" to pull a bunch of mulch out of the landscaping. "I dirting, Mama." 
Given the forecast, I plan to spend the weekend inside on my couch in the air conditioning.  And maybe hit the Turkey express for T-Fest food.  Midwife's orders.