Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week of Weeks Version 28

We packed our new van to the brim last Saturday and headed for the Ozarks for Wyss Vacation... ok, so there was still plenty of room but it felt like we had to take everything and the kitchen sink.  The resort didn't provide towels or soap so that plus all the baby gear plus swim stuff and toys... ayiyiyiyi.
 Cecily travelled really well.  Emmy just slept.
 O man, I haven't driven down 54 in years!  So many memories... so many landmarks are gone!  Janet's is gone, the "Eat here, get worms" sign is gone, the drive-in is closed... *sigh* 

It took us about 6 hours to get there- not too bad.  We were all glad to get out of the van though! 
 Cecily had lots of fun with Jaci and Kebe and Shena and the rest of her host of admirers.
 Jaci had fun toys.
 Emmy was thrilled to meet Austin.  haha. 
 Little miss ordered everyone to "Ca'mere!  Ride the horsey!"
 One afternoon we were swimming in the lake and she "pushed" everyone off the dock.  She thought it was hilarious until Daddy pushed her off the dock.  haha.  We heard "Daddy pushed me inna water, that naughty him?"  for a while. 
Odd child was singing "Bringing in the sheaves" out in the water so we sang it for her Wednesday night...  

Just chilling with Aunt Pearline. *grin*
Maybe the funniest moment of the week:  Lena and Shelly and I were standing outside one evening talking when two teenage boys (who were also staying at the resort) sauntered up and asked if we wanted to play pool with them... Lena, who is amazing at conversing with strangers, told them that we were all right just chatting.  So then they asked what we were talking about... oh, you know, life, children, our HUSBANDS.... hahahahaha.  O my word.  Teenager #1: "Wait, you're married?  How old are you?"  Oh, you know, 29, 23, and 20... and I have two kids...  Teenager #2:  "Dude, we're barking up the wrong tree."  So funny.  Granted, it was dark, but still!  They were slightly embarrassed since they were both only 16.  But then they just wouldn't leave.  And it just kept getting more awkward.  Finally, all the cousins who had been playing mini golf got back and I made my escape.    

Also in the running for funniest part of the week- minute to win it games!  So funny to watch, plus my team won.  Passing an orange around- I love Jaci's face... and that Clayton has no hole in his head.  *grin*
Uncle Ron attempting to knock down bottles with an orange in the foot of panty hose worn on his head.  I had to do this for my team and I was very bad at it.

So it's awfully nice to have an ER doctor in the family... Clayton's head connected with either an ankle or a knee cap while tubing and broke a bone in his skull... he had/has a dent in his face.  It looks really weird. Could be worse though, I mean, he was managing to eat oreos... while heavily medicated. haha. 

Cecily talkin' to Fred a lil' bit. 
 There were some nerdy games played in our cabin a few evenings.  And somebody thought she needed to play a game too...  princess dominos and Stone Age... quite the combination.
 Drawing in Grandma's cabin in her swim suit.
 Emmy chilling by the pool- she was so good all week!
 Cecily had a great time playing with "Max."  This was the day, though, that the owner's son Harrison was at the pool.  She did not want to share her squirt gun with "Arry," "it's not him's squirt gun."  Oh dear.    
 Talking to Grandpa a lil' bit.
 We went for a short ride on "Uncle Ron's fishing boat."  Her hair was in her face, we got a little wet, and she almost fell asleep.  Good times.
 Lake of the Ozarks is pretty where there aren't resorts...
 Checking out the fish in the live well of Uncle Ron's boat.
We picked the hottest day of the week to go to the outlet mall.  Not a good plan with a small baby in a stroller.  But we survived and I came home with Sperry's.  So now I can be all cool like my cousins.  Or something. 

Hehe. Rita and Emmy, napping on the deck.
 Grandpa and Grandma.  Awww.
 I can't want to take a nap. 
 Aunt Shelly took her out in Grandpa's "kayak-boat."  She also got to go paddle boarding with Aunt Lena.  She thought she was big stuff.
 By the last day she was kind of tired of swimming, but we still went to the elephant pool for a little bit. 
That evening, the water line got hit by a boat trailer so we didn't have water in our cabin...  good times. 

Then we woke up bright and early and packed up and drove home.  We made it without incident... I was a little jumpy after the bad accident that killed some semi-local people happened a few miles from our resort... and then we saw a boat trailer get a flat tire... and a guy riding his four-wheeler in his yard rolled it as we went by... eesh-osh. 

It was a good week- although more of a "family trip" than a vacation... since, you know, it's not really a vacation when you've got kids along.  *grin*  I got to see all of my cousins except two! We are blessed. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Traded in my Mustang for a minivan...

Somehow Andrew Peterson has just the right words for what I'm feeling...

"I am a family man

I traded in my Mustang for a minivan
This is not what I was headed for when I began
This was not my plan, I am a family man"

Now it comes to it, I don't feel like parting with it... my precious....

6 years (almost to the day! so random!).  74,000 miles.  Lots of life lived and adventures had in this car.  My one fun car.  Paid for in cash from my first real job. 

Every one at the dealership was all fake excited for me and I was just- lets get this over with, please.


It didn't help that Cecily kept asking "where's mommy's car?" as we drove off the lot.  And "there's tootsie's car" about a blue grand prix parked at the grocery store. 

Anyway, now I get to drive an 09 Grand Caravan.  It's green.  It's by far the most tricked out, lowest mileage, newest vehicle I've ever driven.  And we paid cash.

But...  it has those awful, uncomfortable stow-n-go seats (trust me, I spent a week in the back of one of these in CA).  It's not a Chevy.  It barely fits in the garage.  And it's not blue.  Needs won out over wants this time.   

I found quite a few treasures and random things while cleaning out my car:
-2 cans of Deep Woods Off (I don't like bugs!)
-2 pairs of yellow Stine gloves (Dad likes his girls to be prepared,  I also have a tool kit, extra oil, funnel, jumper cables, tarp straps, flashlight, etc.)
-a dried boutonniere from Mark and Ashley's wedding, maybe?
-garage door opener for my parent's garage
-directions to Kansas City that Dad wrote out for me the first time I drove out without him.

It's bittersweet.  More bitter than sweet.  Bob has been laughing at me all evening for crying over a car...   woe is me.  *grin*

But everything I had to lose
Came back a thousand times in you
And you fill me up with love, fill me up with love
And you help me stand 'cause I am a family man

And life is good, that's something I always knew
But I just never understood
If you'd asked me then you know I'd say I never would
Settle down in a neighborhood, I never thought I could

But I don't remember anymore
Who I even was before
You filled me up with love
Filled me up with love, and you help me stand

So come on with the thunder clouds
Let the cold wind rail against us, let the rain come down
We can build a roof above us with the love we've found
We can stand our ground, so let the rain come down

Because love binds up what breaks in two
So keep my heart so close to you
And I'll fill you up with love, fill you up with love
And I'll help you stand 'cause I am a family man

I'm saving my vacation time for Disneyland
This is not what I was headed for when I began
This was not my plan, it's so much better than


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

I've been slacking on picture taking... 
Thursday evening little miss got to go to the farm while Bob and I and Emmy went to Derek's visitation. 
On the fourth, I let her run around outside without pants.  Since we're celebrating freedom and all.
 Bob was kind enough to switch out the porch light. 
 I like it.  The old light (on the bench) had broken shades... and this one suits the style of the house better.  It's a smidge low, but that's where the box is so I will just have to deal. 
 He switched the light on the side too.  Yay!
 Cecily got her shirt from the neighbor's granddaughter... Emmy got to wear what Cecily wore her first fourth.  She was not impressed with her headband. 
 And then Cecily wanted it, so they switched. 
We watched fireworks from Ron and Kary's in Eureka.  It's just so much easier with a baby, and there are so many fun things for Cecily to play with.  She got to ride in the paddle boat and sit by "Max" and Tate to watch the fireworks so she was happy.  Emmy slept through the whole show.  *grin*

Saturday evening was the annual Koch water fight.  It was kind of chilly and rainy; the little girls in the kiddie pools were shivering in their suits. 

We went and looked at minivans Monday afternoon.  Woot. 

Otherwise, it's been quiet around here.  Sort of.  Little miss is so loud sometimes...  and Emmy just sits and bounces.  So funny.  They appear to have dissimilar personalities already. 

Oh, and for the curious, PCA is Peoria Cooperative Academy, aka, homeschool co-op.  They do Chemistry one day a week and they have a nursery for younger siblings so C and E will get to hang out while I pretend to know how to teach high school Chemistry.  Should be interesting.  And I appear to have thrown away all my notes and projects from High School...  what was I thinking?!  Haha... since, you know, I've used them so many times since I graduated...  I was kind of hoping I'd still have some of the projects we did. 

Emmy needs to start sleeping more... or I need to go to bed earlier.  My brain is starting to get very mushy and I can't keep track of anything.  Or remember anything.  Huzzah.


Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hydrants and Marshpillows and Cousins, Oh My!

So the fire hydrant or something was leaking right across the street last Tuesday.  We were under a boil order and we didn't have water while they fixed it.  Watching them work was Cecily's morning entertainment.  
Between the power outage, phone problems, and no water it was almost like living at the farm...  Haha, I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that all of the above didn't really phase me.

The garden is basically a jungle.  All the rain and heat have made it grow really fast.  Unfortunately, I accidently planted pole beans.  We don't have any poles.  The beans are trying to climb the potatoes, tomatoes, the peas, and each other.  The zucchini is almost as tall as me and we don't even eat that much zucchini.  Plus there is a lovely crop of crabgrass that's covering everything else.  *sigh* Oh well.  Maybe next year, right?

I took Emmy to her first sewing club Tuesday.  She must have liked it because she was very good.

I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea...

Wednesday I met with the PCA administrator because I'm going to be teaching Chemistry for them next year.  Yikes.  I'm a little nervous. 

Somebody likes to "Sing a little bit."  She holds the CD case and 'reads' it while we listen.  I now understand why my Sunday school teachers did not enjoy singing "Father Abraham."  It's kind of a workout.  *grin* 
 Thursday night the girls and I went to Lori's for Shane and Alyssa's family shower.  Fun times.  Cecily had a blast with "Max." Emmy had fun being passed around.

Friday evening we went over to Greg and Mary's for S'mores.  Also a fun time, although Cecily was starting to get a little bit whiny after so many busy nights in a row.  At one point she had a large marshmallow in both hands and was giggling to herself as she ate it, silly girl.

Sunday was another long day...  we went to Skylines after church so Grandma Koch could meet Emmy.  And then we headed to the farm for an indoor picnic with the Schlipfs. (It was hot and humid and no one wanted to eat outside)  They were babysitting for a little "gee-rl" a little older than Cecily.  Little miss was not so sure about sharing Grandma's toys with her.  We decided to take her home after she had a melt down over the cupcake dolls.  "It's not hers cupcake dolls.  Tootsie can't share with the gee-rl. Grandma put it back inna box."  (I've heard about it a few times since then... haha.)

Finally home and free! 
 Smiley baby happily bouncing...
 We hosted Wyss Cousins night on Tuesday.  Kirk is working in T-town this summer so he came for supper... everyone else showed up later.  It was Emmy's first time meeting Clayton.  Also the first time she's seen a Kid Cudi t-shirt.  *grin*
 We played games in the back yard...
 Bocce Ball.  "Max" came, much to Cecily's delight.
 Ladder/Hillbilly golf.  And Tate in Clayton's old pants.  *grin*
 Little Miss Princess loved having everybody at her house.  Except Kyle, for some reason.  Haha.  She's been talking about "All the kid's come to Tootsie's house... that nice of them?"
 Emmy wasn't sure what to think.
 When it got too buggy we headed inside for food.  Yay, no one's holding me!  I'm free!
 Aw, this makes my heart happy.  So many cool people in our house.  They were playing mafia... Cecily kept talking about "we killing people" today and I couldn't figure out what she was talking about...
And of course there was a nerdy game going on at the table.  

If you've made it this far- here's a random conversation for your enjoyment from this past week:
Bob was "commenting" on the small size of our bed... it's a double... the set was my Grandpa and Grandma Schlipf's.
Me:  (In my semi-soap box haranguing voice) My grandparents used this bed their entire marriage!  Grandpa even died in that bed! 
Bob:What?! You never told me that!
Me: We have different mattresses.... 


Monday, June 23, 2014

What is so rare as a day in June?

She was tired out before we even left for church...
We've been keeping busy.  Some of Bob's cousins went swimming together on Tuesday and Cecily and I got to join them.  She wanted to go down the slide pretty badly, but I don't think she realized that there was water at the bottom... so going under kind of scared her.  *grin*  Probably a good thing.  She spent most of the rest of the time begging people to take her in the boats. 
 Hope was happy to oblige, thankfully.
 Emmy just chilled in the shade in her ridiculous (but cute!) swimsuit.
 After swimming we went to Michelle and Nathan's house to paint some more.  Their air conditioning wasn't working so it was rather toasty painting upstairs on a super hot day. 

"Headlines don't sell papes, Newsies sell papes!"  It's a fine life...  (carrying the banner...)  haha.  Hopefully that song's in your head now too.
 So Bob was hanging out with Dang Thursday night... and of course a big storm came through and the power went out.  Cecily was totally unfazed.  She was just mad that we couldn't finish watching Princess Gigi (thanks Chris-nina!).  She was pacified with her princess dress up magnet things while I discovered that most of our flashlights had dead batteries, corroded batteries, or burned out bulbs.  And we are out of batteries.  And the camping lantern probably needs fresh ones because it's very dim.  So we hung out at the kitchen table by the light of tea lights and a pillar candle and our poor lantern. Woe is us.
 Friday morning the girls and I stopped in to see Baby Trey on our way to Michelle's house again.  Cecily got to go to the farm and I finished up the painting and helped Michelle put away all her kitchen stuff.  We got to walk to Pinky's that evening with Grace-n-eden and Sprout.  I love ice cream.  Bob got to go in search of a new modem because ours got fried in the storm.  Lucky him. 

Somebody loves salsa.  And refuses to eat anything in casserole form.  Odd child.  "I can't try that.  I can't eat some of that casserole."  At least chips and salsa is semi- healthy. 
Saturday we did not help Nathan and Shelly move... terrible siblings, I know.  Bob cleaned out the dryer vent pipe though, so that was good.  And I got the front door painted.  And two families from church got to see our daughter running around with no pants on...  *sigh*  Keeps me humble, right? We went out to Bob's parent's for supper because Susan's home. 

Sunday was quiet.  Today I have gotten to deal with the Comcast repair guy (our house phone works again-yay!), a boil order, and horrendous w-mart brand diapers.  Ugh.  They leak like a sieve.  At least it's motivation to hurry up and get the elastics replaced in our cloth diapers... since she's definitely chubby enough to wear them now.  hehe.  Little Chubby Hugs. 

Anyway.  Blessings.