Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A deep and dark December

I think I shall dub 2014 as 'the year of the mediocre Christmas cookie.'  Seriously.  My sugar cookies are slightly crispy, the gingerbread is really crunchy and the frosting is runny, the spritz dough was so stiff it cracked the disks of my cookie press and they are crumbly, the springerle didn't rise.....  *sigh*  Woe is me.  I did learn a new word while searching for the solution to my springerle problems- Füssli.  Next year they will be better.  I am done baking for this year- I frosted my birthday cake this afternoon and called it quits until January 1st. 
Anyway, we had a busy week last week.  Grandma Wyss invited the girls and I for lunch on Tuesday because Abby was going to be in town with baby Boden.  And Kendra ("Krenda") and baby William came.  And Troy and Trent and Fred and Mom stopped in... hehe.  Good times.  Fred was regaling us with tales of his days on the rescue squad. At one point we were all laughing so hard and loud it made Emmy cry... she looks like a giant next to her younger cousins.
These two are very good at making large messes.
We had Barb and Marci over for supper before church on Wednesday night.  I enjoyed having them very much. Cecily was pretty sure they were there just to play with her. *grin*
I took Cecily to the farm on Thursday and went shopping.  I think I'm mostly done except for wrapping and hoping that everything I ordered online shows up in time.
While we were at the farm I packed up my doll house and moved it to our basement- I got Plexiglas to cover it to keep it safe from curious hands.  And used most of a can of Dust-off to clean it.  I hadn't dusted it since I got married... 5 years ago... and it was still decorated for Christmas from a few years before that... yeah.  Anyway.  The "window" will hopefully help with the dust too. 
 All kinds of cool things in there... miniatures are pretty cool. 
Cecily claimed the gazebo so it's sitting in chalk dust.
Friday was "teaching school" for the last time this year.   That went fast!  Then in the afternoon I made several frustrating trips to the DMV.  I did finally get my license renewed and a new picture in which I look exhausted.
The girls wore their Christmas dresses on Sunday.  They looked awfully cute all matching.  *grin*     
 Our very own princess coloring...
 "I'm Mary and Emmy is Joseph." They have the appropriate nativity figurines too.
Somewhere in there I've made two big batches of crepes for Wyss Christmas- 40 of them- and that isn't even half of what Grandma usually makes... she made the rest of course.  *grin*  

She loves food.  Or mostly she just likes to be doing what we are doing.
 So Bob has been giving me one small present every day of December until my birthday.  Cecily has claimed quite a few of them (the pink unicorn sticker kit, Cinderella pencil box, origami flowers...), but this one is staying mine.  It's the Lego research institute- there's a dinosaur skeleton and paleontologist, a telescope and astronomer, and my favorite- a chemist in her lab!!
Today is my Thirtieth birthday.  This is how I have spent it: on the couch with my sick girl.  So far she's just running a fever.  woot.  We've watched Frozen, Veggie tales, and Cinderella... and Emmy has been contentedly playing alone.  At least Bob brought home food from One World for supper... mur.  Yay for birthdays.

Friday, December 05, 2014

And at last I see the light, and it's like the fog has lifted....

Yes, well.  Emmy has not been sleeping at night and I've been in a fog again for a few weeks.  Woot.  I was kind of a grumpy mess over Thanksgiving, but that was hopefully the worst of it and she has been sleeping much better the last few nights. 

Smiley baby.  She loves to play with toys...
 And Cecily.
 This one makes me laugh- Cecily looks like she's playing harp and Emmy is quite pleased with that truck.
 We spent Thanksgiving in Washington.  Shelly and I made all the pies- except for the razzleberry Grandma had in the freezer...  she also made the turkey and the stuffing and sent bread.  She didn't come because Grandpa had been in the hospital, she just made all the food.  Anyway, I've made better pie.  Probably the whole multitasking while in a fog of exhaustion thing.

She's figured out how to get toys out of the baskets.
 I'm not sure if this is a lion or a dragon.  They're both equally loud.  One day she said, "my daughter's are so loud."  Pretty sure I've never said that.  She amuses me.
 The girls' Christmas dresses are done.  I just added skirts to some shirts I bought.  I think they're cute, and Cecily loves hers.

Alas, poor Bonsai San, I knew him, Horatio!  I am really good at killing plants these days.
 We got out the Christmas decorations.  She loves her little tree!
 "E" for Emmy.
 There was a nap time accident- the sorry state of our couch under the slipcover, and two girls "playing" Daddy's old Nintendo.  Little miss loved the Monkey game, aka, Donkey Kong. 
 It's a ball!
 Hey! She has my tigger ball!
 Is this food?  I think I would like to taste it.
 She's getting better at getting things out.  Woot.
 This amuses me.  Masha and the Bear and Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus.  They're at Bethlehem.
 We cleared a spot for the Christmas tree- we got it on Wednesday and I haven't taken a picture yet.  I like it a lot.  It's full of so many memories; most of my ornaments are from my Grandma Schlipf, my favorites are her clip on glass birds.
 My pinterest porch decorations. 
 I'm a fan. 
Tonight we were on the committee for church Christmas caroling.  It was a good night, but tiring!  We came home with lots of yummy pulled pork and other goodies.  Next year we'll actually get to go sing!  Yay! 

And there's only one more Friday before the semester is over!  Craziness.  Time is flying.  And we get to do chromatography next week- I'm excited. 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

I keep telling myself I'll have time to blog tomorrow... yeah....  so here are some random goings on in our life.
Uncle Dang came over for supper a while ago and Cecily was thrilled to make him play with her. Emmy was very curious about the blocks too.   
Dang is very patient with her.  Emmy is eating that block.
Shelly came over and we made apple cider donuts.  We tweaked the recipe a little bit and they didn't flop (even though I measured something wrong) so that was exciting!
We tried to play outside while it was still nice out... We raked a leaf pile for jumping in.  Also known as "the north mountain."  She is officially Frozen obsessed.  
She fell asleep still hanging on to her toy.
So my 'little' cousin Kray plays football out in Indiana...  if you scroll down to the end of this article he's quoted as saying "Lord willing."  Which makes me laugh.  A lot.  Paragraphs and paragraphs of the same dumb, empty phrases that sports people say that don't actually mean anything- much sound and fury, signifying nothing- and then a "Lord willing." 
I've been attempting to get a decent picture for our Christmas cards....  you can all stop laughing now.  yeah.  I have lots of TERRIBLE pictures. I think I need a camera with a faster shutter speed- they just don't sit still long enough.  They start out sorta ok...
 then we get here...
 ... and four legs in the air...
I may give up.  Or send out the funniest bad one.  I am keeping them all for future scrapbooks and wedding slideshows...

Emmy has two teeth poking through!!  No wonder she hasn't been sleeping well... 

Elsa was going to school. 
 I'm still having fun pretending to teach chemistry.  The week we talked about Max Planck and Niels Bohr it was a very bohring lecture- even Planck was sitting around board.  My life is now complete since I have gotten to say that in class.  This past Friday we did the flame test with no casualties except for an inoculating loop. Woot!  You can kind of see the green flame from the ionic salt Emily is burning.  So many pretty colors!
Last night we had Rustin and Sharon and girls and Eric and Rekeeta and Abby over for supper... and then the guys played tanks and the girls wore themselves out running around.   
Anyway.  It snowed already.  We don't even have our leaves raked yet.  And I don't like having to wear shoes and socks and coats to go out. Woe is me.
But...  my birthday is coming!  And Christmas! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Mole-O- Reformation-Ween...

So many things to celebrate in October!  Mole day was Thursday the 23rd so I got to introduce my students to Mole Day on Friday.   I made myself a shirt with washable markers, so it is already but a dim memory... *sniff*
 We had Mole snacks... Guaca-Mole and Donut Moles.  And we told mole jokes.  It was fun to introduce a new batch of budding scientists to the happiest day of the year...  another generation of science nerds... ha!  One of them said he could only find two mole jokes that were even remotely funny.  Really!?  How is "What kind of fruit is Avagadro's favorite?- WaterMolens!" or "How would you describe a stinky chemist?- Mole-oderous!" not absolutely hilarious??  Kids these days.
The girls and I built a little cabin out of sticks in the back yard.  It was so nice out.  And I was feeling lazy.  

Sunday our potluck came over for a wiener roast.  Bob was using a rope and a chunk of block to get dead limbs out of the cotton wood before people showed up.  It didn't look very safe to me.   
 The girls have no idea what's coming... 
 The long line of kids chairs.
 We built the fire on the garden...  Mom brought us some straw bales from the farm. 
We may not have many outside toys, but we have bricks! 
The weather was gorgeous!  So perfect for being outside around a fire.  And the International Space Station flew over- which is always cool, but it was super bright that night.  The company was pretty fabulous too, as always!
Little miss and I built a straw fort the next day.  I was very sad I really don't fit in a one bale wide fort anymore... 
I think I'm having fun...
So I am not one of those super moms who take their kids to pumpkin patches and orchards...  we were at dollar tree and she got to bring home a plastic pumpkin.  She was very serious about painting it. 
On Wednesday we went to the farm for combine rides.  Cecily was not sure she wanted to ride the combine.  "I will go to the house with Grandma."  We got to the point of "I will go on the combine with Grandma and Grandpa will go in the back."  Hehe.  She went with Grandpa and Grandma, and then stayed on and rode with me.  Dad even let me drive a little bit.  I hadn't driven the latest model yet... always a little bit scary, although there wasn't anything to hit in that field.

Amber and Kaleigh came for supper on Thursday. It was good to see them again and hang out for a little bit.  Cecily pretty much insisted that Kaleigh play with her the entire evening.  And it took her a long time to settle down that night.

Somebody is getting better at sitting by herself.  She's pretty proud of it too.  Hopefully this means she's passed this growth/development spurt and will start sleeping again at night.  I would like that very much.   
Elsa (of course-"I will wear my Elsa dress."), the chubby cheerleader, and I walked to a few of  the neighbors to "take-a-treat." It's hardly dressing up if you wear it every day...  It was cold. And then we went home and the door bell rang maybe five more times.  Cecily had a great time waiting for people to come.  "Who is coming to my house?"


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Otter Botter Anyway...

Little miss loves to sing even though she doesn't always get the words quite right... "Otter Botter Anyway" is her version of "the cold doesn't bother me anyway..."  Makes us laugh.  That, and "Bringing in the cheese."  And "the laundry song" which I think is "When the Roll is Called up Yonder."  She also runs around singing the start of "The circle of life" from the Lion King... it's in Zulu so she does a fairly good job of that...  ha. 
Emmy-girl likes to chew on things.  And smile.  She is fussy/inconsolable sometimes, I promise!  
Ah, the ever present Elsa dress.  *sigh*  One afternoon she was running around waving her arms and I asked her what she was doing: "The ice doesn't work.  I can't make the palace."  I laughed.  A lot. 
I decided I need to be in more pictures.  Too bad I don't have a personal photographer and have to resort to "selfies."  Ugh.  I would be happy if that word went away, it annoys me. 
 This was NOT my idea.  But they were both so happy that I let it continue...  hehe.
The girls and I went to the farm Thursday afternoon to play for a little bit before we all headed to Michelle's house for Kendra's baby shower that evening.  We picked up hedge balls and saw the cows and pigs and Gus and the beanie babies and the doll house...  The shower was nice.  I am not a fan of showers, but they had pie!  And Cecily was good.  She got to help 'Krenda' with her presents so she was happy.   

Bob and I did a puzzle.  Cecily helped.  Emmy even got in on the action and knocked a few pieces off the table.
 For the record- this is NOT an efficient way to cook.  But Emmy stopped fussing and Cecily's always happy to help... sooo... quench not the spirit, right?!  We were making biscuits for biscuits and gravy.  They were not the fluffiest biscuits I've ever eaten.  Little miss 'I can't want sausage' only ate the one bite we made her eat.   *eye roll*
Last night I hosted sewing club, which was a good time as always.  I am perfectly content with the size of our house... until we have people over.  The living room fills up so fast and my kitchen is really only a one cook kitchen.  O well.  I thought the food turned out pretty good; Emmy was a little clingy, but not too bad.

Today we went and got Cecily's three year old pictures taken.  She was very unsure about it all.  She was not very interested in posing or smiling or keeping her hands out of her mouth and her tongue in her mouth.  And her hair was slightly unruly as always.  So we ended up with one picture that is looks like her and she's smiling nicely.  There were some pretty hilarious pictures I did not get. I told her if she was good we could get ice cream so we went to Cold Stone when we were done, which I love.