Friday, July 03, 2015

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain...

The bugs and spiders are coming indoors... I do not like the damp.  Thankfully, we've had a few dry days.  My flowers and the garden love the rain.  They have never looked this nice! Minus the hollyhock rust... at least we can make hollyhock dolls.  Ballrooms full of them.  *grin*
 Let's go pick flowers!
We hosted potluck babysitting last Friday.  I told Cecily the kids were coming waaay too early in the day.  "Can the kids come now?"  "I want the kids to come." "Can it be supper time?" "Now can they come?"  I told her they weren't coming until the clock hand was at the bottom.  So she sat and watched it. 
 Feeding 13 kids is so much fun.  Or something.  Plus the 7 adults... our house was feeling full.
 Emmy just took it all in.
It had rained all day (of course) so we had to play inside all evening.  I was worried that they would run out of things to do since we really don't have many toys for kids older than 3...  but the older kids had a great time with the Legos downstairs, and the littler kids were pretty happy with the toys upstairs. 

The rain moved the Sunday School Picnic to the fellowship hall.  Emmy had been running a low fever at night so we didn't take her to church...  Cecily thought it was great that she got to go with me (and then Bob) all alone.  We took them both to the picnic and Emmy just sat there and stared and ate food.  They both had a great time with all the sidewalk chalk after supper.
Our new countertops came bright and early Monday morning!  Yay!  I think I like them.
Haha.  I do like them, I was just not sure for a bit if I really liked how they looked with the cabinet color.  I decided it was just the light and me second guessing myself because I am NOT repainting. 
We lived without the kitchen sink until Tuesday.  The girls loved the extra you-have-to-stay-out-of-the-way attention they got both mornings.  Sleepy, happy, baby.
Tim installed this lovely new sink and faucet for us.... Yay for a deeper sink!  The old one was also white but the finish was wearing off.  It never looked clean; as soon as I rinsed fruit or spaghetti sauce off of dishes it turned yellowish/reddish.  And the old faucet had two knobs which is so annoying when you have dirty hands. 
I neglected to measure, so the new faucet handle did not fit under the DIY extra wide windowsill/shelf.  Sometimes I wonder why they had to use such cheap low-grade wood for everything.  *grin*  We had replaced the original longer brackets so that the countertops would fit and there was an extra screw hole that I didn't bother to fill.  And then I started noticing small blobs of pine sap on the counter below....  the windowsill was oozing sap.  So we are scrapping it and starting fresh on the windowsill.
Wednesday morning the girls were grumpy and needed a change of scenery so we went to the farm for the afternoon.  We had to wear our mud boots to get to the cows... and we saw the horses, and Gus.  I forgot swimsuits so they played in grandma's kiddy pool in their undies.  *grin*
Cecily was using a watering can to get the entire patio wet and Emmy was helping with the measuring cup. 
And then Aunt Shelly had today off and she wanted to go swimming.  So we went to her house for lunch and then went to Fritz's pool for the afternoon.  Checking out the neighbors with Grandma.
The water was a little bit chilly so they didn't spend much time in the pool, but they had fun kicking their feet in the water and swinging and visiting the goats. 
I picked a whole safe-guard bucket of green beans yesterday.  And today something ate all of my lettuce.  All the way to the ground.  That I planted three times and hadn't even gotten to eat a single leaf.  I almost cried. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nice weather for ducks...

So much rain.  And clouds.  And humidity... the garden and my flowers look lovely, but it's too wet to enjoy them.  And the weeds.... oh the weeds... 
Anyway.  So we all went to the T-fest Saturday afternoon and then I went to work in the food tent and Bob took the girls to the carnival.  *sigh*  I so do not want to be one of those families... however, Cecily did like the cars and the horsies and the dragon ride.  She's very sad that the carnival went away.  They got soaked on their way home when the storm came through. Bob said Cecily was shivering and not excited about it, Emmy loved it. Bob got them both bathed and dressed and fed them supper before I got back- pretty impressive!
Sunday we went to the parade.  It was hot.  I was not excited.  Haha.  Cecily liked running for candy.  Emmy liked looking at all the interesting things.  And then we went to hymn sing in the evening... it was probably a little bit too big of a day for the girls, but we survived. 
Sitting in their chairs...
mmmmm..... ice cream cone. 
Someone doesn't want to get in 'dirty' water.  It could be a long summer.
This one does not have such delicate sensibilities.
She's determined to get up on the chair... no luck yet.
Daddy gave her a whole cupcake.  No wonder they like him best.  "Da! da! da!"
I'm just taking my baby for a stroller ride.
Fresh peas!  One nice thing about the clouds and rain is the bumper crop of peas!
Little miss Emmy loves not having cabinet doors.  So ornery.
Our neighbors granddaughter has been in and out next door- she's 6 or 7.  Cecily likes to ride her bike on the road with her and swing on their swings.  She must have been bored one day because she rang the doorbell and asked if Cecily could ride bikes with her... but I was trying to make supper so I said no (and I don't think it's a good idea for a 3 year old to be riding her bike on the road without an adult watching.  She doesn't really look for cars.)... she came back twice in 10 minutes to see if we were done with supper yet.  Ha.  So I said she could play inside if she wanted, which Cecily loved.  And then she asked if she could eat with us.  Um... sure?  I made chicken tikka masala, it's Indian, and I didn't really think she'd like it.  She ate the rice and roti; Cecily ate very little she was so excited. Bob was working late that night so they did finally ride their bikes when he got home. *grin*  I'm not sure I'm ready for neighbor kids...

Saturday my family got together to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma's 65th wedding anniversary.  Karen brought Jackstack and it was amazing.  The girls both ate tons of the beans- they make the best.  Cecily was less interesting in the brisket.  She prefers steak, odd child.  We got a four generation picture with Grandma and Grandpa... they are pretty wonderful.   
The kids played outside...
and then we came inside and G and G talked a little bit.  Paul was entertaining another generation of kids... this looked so uncomfortable.  hehe.
We spent father's day evening at Rustin and Sharon's.  The girls wanted to swim, but the water was pretty cold still so Cecily mostly just stood on the ladder and shivered. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

The end is in sight...

I feel like the last two weeks have been centered around the kitchen...  and most of my nights after the girls are in bed are consumed with prepping or painting.  Woot.  But.  Progress is being made. 
"Take a picture of me on the step stool!"
 Oh you know, just chilling in my highchair.
 So before we ripped into the kitchen I was starting to feel very overwhelmed with everything that needed doing.   So I asked Mom if she would come play with the girls one day so I could get some work done.  She ended up coming the day that the mulch was delivered. Dad needed to go to Pekin so he dropped her off and then when he was done he helped me mulch.  It was much appreciated.  It was also hot and humid.  What happened to lovely June days?  Anyway, while Dad and I were sweating and working soooo hard, Mom and the girls were going for a walk, and running through the sprinkler....  for the record, my mother never ran through the sprinkler when I was growing up.  Ever. 

We didn't get completely done before they had to leave so Bob helped me finish when he got home from work.  And he got to push Cecily higher on the swing.  She wants a swing set so badly.
 Uppers done on one side, moving on to the next section. Notice the not painted over new range hood! 
 They love the sandbox. 
 And the mini slide.   Check out that lovely mulch job in the background!
 Last Saturday, Mom decided that Cecily needed to come to Lena and Michelle's garage sale and the farm.  So off she went and we got lots of work done.  Or something.  Bob got the turtle pool down from the attic and we filled it and Emmy climbed right in.  She was sooo cold but she loved it. 
 She's teething and grumpy.  (Unless she's outside or eating.) We've had some rough days. 
 Ready for sanding the lower cabinets! 
Cecily came home from Grandma's with a kite, cotton candy, four stuffed animals, and a guitar purse from Rita.  We attempted to fly her kite on Sunday before the storm came through; she mostly just ran around the yard with it.   
 On Tuesday I dropped the girls off at Bob's parents' and headed for Champaign.  Lori, Kandace, Carli, and Cliff rode along with me to Ned's recital.  For his Masters in Violin.  Yeah.  He's good.  It was pretty amazing.  I'm not up on the violin, but there was one part where he was sustaining a note with his bow and playing different notes with his fingers- craziness!  He played about an hours worth of music- from memory.  So incredible.   

I had to tease my parents a little bit.  His recital was in the same room as my piano recital- that they didn't come to.  tsk.  Haha. (If I remember correctly, I told them about it but didn't really want them to come because I was so nervous I was going to mess up since I'm really bad and I was the only non-music major in the group.) 

Anyway, it was good to walk the hallowed halls again (albeit briefly).  A picture to prove I was there:
 While I was gone Bob and his dad trimmed the overhang off of the drawer fronts so we can attach the new fronts eventually.  They look so funny sitting flush with the cabinet boxes.  It's not a big color change; we're going from yellowish cream to a creamy white.  And I already sanded those drips out.  (This. paint. is. so. drippy. It makes me twitchy.  But it's awesome when you paint things flat on the ground...) 

Somehow we've still managed to eat regular meals with the kitchen looking like this. 
I just have to make multiple trips to the living room.  Good times
Bob went on a walk with the girls on Thursday... down to the carnival.  Cecily got to ride the 'horses' and she really wants to go back and drive the cars.  *sigh*   
Today the girls and I went to "That Bob's" visitation.  So sad.  When we were younger and Mom and Dad would drag us to Gridley we'd have to make the rounds of the relatives...  Aunt Dorothy, Joyce, Aunt Carolyn, Susan.... then we'd have to go over to the men's side and get to Uncle John, and 'that Bob.'  He always remembered my name- "and how's Jenny?"  I'm glad I got to talk to him out in the hallway at Jesse's testimony. 

The girls did pretty good in the line, although Emmy neeeeded to pick the flowers.  Then we came home and went to the turkey fest for supper.  It was hot and humid.  yay. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Painting is such sweet chaos...

 It's been a full week... and it's officially summer and I can wear white shoes.  Not that I have yet. 

On Monday the girls and I went to the Memorial Day service at the park.  They were antsy, but we made it.  I was worried that Emmy would be scared by the guns, but she likes loud noises.  Cecily, on the other hand, about jumped out of her skin all three times.  *grin*  And then she told me the soldiers "killed the sky!" 

Little miss Emmy likes to stand up.  And clap for herself. 
 Cecily likes to stand next to her standing.  Hehe.
We like to go for walks in the 'ce-mur-tary.'  Actually, that's the only destination Cecily ever requests.  Probably because there is a large stump I let her climb.  My poor children spend more time at the cemetery than the park...
 This is her favorite water bottle.  *sigh*  It was mine. 
 Oh these two... 
 Thursday afternoon we picked Bob up from his car appointment and went to Menards and the park.  Emmy fell asleep in the car, of course, so I got to hang out in the van with her while Bob and Cecily played. 

Then on Friday, Bob took the day off to help me get started on some things in the kitchen.  He put up our new range hood and helped sand the cabinet boxes for painting.  I rarely used the hood fan because it didn't seem to work very well... come to find out the ductwork was closed off... and it was an ancient hood so it didn't have a non-ducted option.... curious.  Anyway, the new one can be used non-ducted.  So that's what we are doing.  And it's white and not badly painted over.  Woot woot. 

The girls think the paper on the floor is the best thing ever. I could never live with the open shelving look.  Too much stuff I would rather shut the door on.  Although, it is nice to not have to open cabinet doors...
I started painting on Saturday.  It's going to be a long process and I can't wait to be done already.  Ha.  I should have done it before Emmy was mobile.  Oh well.  Saturday afternoon and evening we spent at my cousin's graduation parties.  I'm not sure how Trent and Kandace are old enough to be out of High School already.  So we got to eat supper twice and the girls had fun playing at Cliff's house with the kids and at Tate's house with different kids! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time, oh good, good, time, where did you go?

Yikes... I'm falling behind on posting.  O well, such is life. 
What have we been up too...
Emmy had her 1 year checkup.  She is slimming down!  She's only in the 78th percentile for weight, down from being off the charts.  Hehe.  Still adorably squishy though...
Jon and Nicole had fondue night for potluck.  It was really fun and really yummy.  I'm just glad I didn't try the jelly beans.  *grin*
The girls and I went to the farm one afternoon to see the baby chicks.  I forgot my camera, so all I have are not so good phone pics.  Emmy loved the cows.  Cecily was brave enough to try and hold a chick.
 They both loved the feeder pigs.  I however, could hardly take the hot humid air in the hog house... the smell still doesn't bother me.  Little pigs are so cute and their noses are so wet.
 Cecily got out grandma's tractor riding toy and Emmy climbed into the wagon.  So funny.  She was very pleased with herself.
They went straight to the tub when we got home to wash off the hog house smell.
She likes to color with a pen. 
 Her favorite things are food and outside. And it seems like she's only happy when one or both of them is happening. 
 We went on a Pinky's run and she got a huge "small" cone. 
 Last Sunday my friend Amy got married.  It was a lovely wedding.  Then Bob and the girls went to the farm to hang out and I went to the reception.  I got to talk to Elise for the first time in ages!  It was great.  Amy's a pretty great girl...  she has lots of good qualities, but she has this fantastic ability to be a great friend.  It's so good to see her so happy with Fritz.
The girls and I walked to the park one evening. Emmy loved the tunnel.
 And Cecily was determined to try the monkey bars.  She didn't get very far, but she tried!
 So she's been wishing for Elsa jammies for months... I finally got her some.  She was ready for bed all day long.  Sometimes she wants me to refer to her as "Elsa Izzy Cinderella." (eye roll)
Otherwise, my vacuum died so we made two trips to P-town for that, and another to get Emmy's one year pictures taken.  And I started tearing off the trim in the kitchen to prepare for our kitchen refresh. 
So it's written down so I won't forget, and for your reading pleasure- Cecily-isms:
"It's just being so crazy." (anything that isn't doing what she wants it to do.)
"Hustle down!" (settle down.  Ha.)
"I will just deal about it."  (I maybe tell her to 'deal with it' a lot.)
"Kid-cul-A" (Chick- fil- A.  It's a good kid pepper-fry place. They have a slide.)
"I'm so tired I could eat a, a, a fish!"  (Oooookay then.)
"Oh Grud." (Hm... guess I say crud too much...)
"Don't sharp me!"  (Cut.)
"Snow Pink" (Snow White, and don't anybody dare correct her!  It's too cute.)