Friday, January 13, 2017

Some days are stones

And not in an "earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone" kind of way, more like a "some days are diamonds, some days are stones" kind of way.
Well we made it through December by the skin of our teeth.  After Wyss Christmas we all came down with colds and they didn't go away and they're still kind of lingering...
The girls have been enjoying their new easy bake oven.... so far we've made tiny chocolate chip cookies, truffles, and mini "oreos".
 She ate a whole springerle!
Schlipf Christmas was the 28th at the farm.  The girls got pink seal(?) travel pillows from the Californians... they were dubbed "sea dragons".
 Nina gave the girls these cool finger print books.  I was only slightly worried about ink and clothes...
New Years Eve was very low key; Bob was sick and it was Saturday night.  So Cadence and I went to church and then I let them take glow sticks in the bathtub and we ate 'special' snacks.  Emmy: "there's a hotdog hiding in my corn bread!"  Hehe.  
We put them to bed not long after their bedtime, but then Bob was still sick Sunday morning and I was coughing constantly so we didn't go to church.  

She wants to be a big girl so bad! I've started some baby food and so far she is more interested than the other two were.  Mostly she just likes chewing on the spoon.  (I hate baby food- baby led weaning is the best - especially when you're lazy like me, so I'm reeeallly not pushing it.)
 So I have a few projects on my list and since Bob was home I went to Menards alone and it was glorious.  I loaded it all up by myself and now I have a new favorite hashtag.  #stubbornwysswomen
Mom, I want to do a craft.  
She doesn't hate her stomach quite as much as she used to.  And she will happily play on the floor for a little bit now.  We alternate between pure joy and complete frustration and devastation.
Potty training began on the 2nd.  I was dreading it and so I kept my expectations very low.  I mean, if you expect it to take months and it doesn't, awesome, and if it does, well, that's to be expected, right? Emmy's been interested on and off for the last six months or so but with a baby I have not been able to commit to the amount of completely focused time it requires.... Cadence is finally at a point where she's not nursing constantly and halfway content in between times.... we bought new My Little Pony and Minnie Mouse undies and took the plunge.  So far it hasn't been terrible.  She was running for the bathroom after the first week, and so far this week any and all messes have happened in the bathroom.  Most amazingly, I'm not frustrated, or stressed, or annoyed with the process!  I didn't use any "methods"...  The things that are keeping me sane this time: towels strategically placed around the house for sopping, mop head (with rags) and Murphy's at the ready, loveseat covered with a waterproof crib mattress pad (fits perfectly!), and our rallying cry- No Puddles!  Mostly I think she just likes the one on one attention.  And that I let her change her underwear at random and not wear pants.

Cadence is 6 months and 17 lbs... 4 pounds behind where Emmy was at 6 months.  She was good for the doctor and he discovered she has an ear infection- family first!  Poor baby.  I actually thought she'd been less fussy since the new year....  so asymptomatic, and our first bottle of shaky-pudding.  (amoxicillin to normal families)      
We've been home pretty much, except for the grocery store... the girls and I went to church on Sunday.  In the evening we picked up my Mom and went to the hymn sing in Congerville.  It was a nice evening, as nice an evening you can have with three little hoydens.  They insisted that we had to stop at the farm for cocoa afterward, even though we had a snack at church.

I can almost reach it... I got it!  
 I rolled over and I don't like it! Rescue me, momma!

 Cecily had cut out a shirt for an "American Doll" that we'd never gotten around to sewing.  She insisted we had to sew it right now one evening.  It's pretty basic, a ribbon tied tank top, and all she really did was push the pedal of the sewing machine.... and then Emmy needed to sew too.  *sigh*  So we, and I use that we very loosely, made a quick drawstring bag.  Sometimes I just want to say 'not right now!', but they were sooo proud.
 This little squishy got her six month pictures taken.  She wasn't super happy to be there, so I was glad that they got one good smile.  It was raining so the girls were sad they didn't get to play on the tractors.
 Cecily got a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Barbie for Christmas.  "Chemistry Barbie!"  She came with some cool activities, although they are a little bit over her head yet.  This is a hammock you can build for Barbie- you can turn a crank and the palm leaf fans her.  In her hammock with her completely UNsafe lab outfit.  Haha.    Seriously... heels and a lab coat.... ??
They wanted to use their finger print books again.  "I'm making doot-doots!"
 A happy moment...
A not so happy moment, so big sisters took turns pushing her in the doll stroller. Also, note the lack of pants and swiffer at the ready!
 Today we headed back to "teaching-school."  It was a nice break... hard to get up in the morning.  Kindergarten is going to be brutal.  We got chicken nuggets on the way home and they wanted to eat on the picnic blanket.  Whatever.  Silly girls.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

God rest ye merry!

Merry Birthday! Happy Christmas!
The girls kept asking when we were going to see the "light animals" so we went to see the Festival of lights one evening.  
The "when will it be Christmas?" question was getting old so we made a paper countdown chain.
 This bottle is mine.
Why are we even bothering with Christmas presents?  The boxes they come in are the most fun!
Cadence's eyes! hehe.
So have I ever told you how much December birthdays stink?  This year they scheduled Wyss Christmas on my birthday... so I made Bob and the girls celebrate the day before.  Which was a school day.  Woot.  I took in benzene cupcakes in honor of the last day of the semester/my birthday. I also demanded that Bob pick up One World for supper. 
The best part of my almost-birthday was the 10 minutes I spent Google-ing and then FINALLY fixing Cadence's too cold bedroom.  It's only taken 5 years of adjusting heat vents, blocking drafts, covering windows.... it was just a closed damper.  Just the twist of a screw driver!  But now it's warm in there!  And the curtains move when the furnace is on!  There was great rejoicing! Seriously I was so excited and proud of myself. #stubbornwysswomen

We braved the ice on Saturday for Wyss Christmas, my birthday. We skipped breakfast because it was way too early, especially on my birthday. Did I mention it was my 32nd birthday? Emmy was glad to see Jakey again.
 Cadence was pretty good all day.  She got her very own dolly that she was mostly interested in chewing on.
Emmy kept herself busy all day... drinking unattended cans of pop while Cecily played with Neal's girls.   Dad was coloring with them.
Creepy monkey.
Grandma has a half dozen roses and we finally remembered to take a picture!  Grandma's middle name is Rose, and then all the oldest granddaughters were middle-named Rose, and then our oldest daughters... (Cecily and I've got the added bonus of being named for my Great-Grandma Rose Schlipf) Anyway, aren't we cute or something.  
 Sunday was church and then we spent the evening at the Beutel Christmas.  Someone found the caramel corn...
 "....oh by the way, I'm an angel in the play... I'm gonna sing, I'll need some wings..."
So the big girls had a great time and Cadence was grumpy and fussy...and just wanted Bob or I, poor baby.  Sometimes I felt like I was being rude, but Cadence really didn't like being touched and passed around and held by a whole bunch of strangers in that loud room.... after a long day in church.  And I don't like it when people touch her hands!  Seriously, she puts those in her mouth, when did you wash them last??  Ha.  I'm not a germaphobe, but sick babies are no fun at all.  (You can take her at church though! It's usually the second or third big event in row that she gets clingy and fussy!)

Monday morning Cecily lost her first tooth!
 And I came down with a bad sore throat and a cold that has lasted for a week.  Woot.  Actually we have been going through kleenex and tylenol like water around here- everyone is snotty and coughing. Yay.

Apparently it was crazy pants day.
Bob and Cecily made a "Tri-forrest" puzzle.  Triforce to the old Zelda game players... haha.
It was a quiet week trying to get over colds.
We had our family Christmas on Friday.  They were so excited to open presents.
Is it my turn?
Thankfully she slept.... she has been so fussy.... it's awful.
Hard to see, but she told me this was her favorite present- a kid sized push broom for outside.
 And a guitar...
And a singing bird like Cecily's!
Cadence got a rocking unicorn because... just because.  *grin*
 She's not really a fan yet.
Bob got me a serger!  I'm super excited, I just need to learn how to use it!
We did a puzzle.
 And the girls dressed up like Elsa and Anna.
It was a pretty great day over all.

Christmas eve we went to the farm.  We were passing out gifts and Emmy was quietly eating chocolate at the table, not sure how much she ate before we saw her.
New bike basket, bell, and horn!
 Little worker bee.
 Pardon me, I mustache you a question...  I thought Gideon needed a mustache pacifier. 
I made the little boys farm play mats.  They were very much spur of the moment make-it-up-as-I-sew so hopefully they hold up to playing.  
 The older boys played a game, and then we went home to bed.
The girls opened stockings at breakfast.  They were tired...
 We were running late, as usual, so this is the only picture I got Christmas morning.  Bob has a pocket square to match the girls' dresses... folded the most simple way so he would actually wear it... I have a matching scarf. I'm sure we looked very twee.
Emmy was so tired she was falling asleep standing up... she dozed off a few times in church and thankfully took a long nap at home.  We spent the evening with Bob's family. I forgot the camera... Cadence was pretty fussy though, or sleeping on my lap so I'm not sure I could have taken many pictures anyway. Cecily's highlight of the evening was playing Mario Kart with Susan and Grace and Eden.

 It's been slightly warmer and Cecily wanted to put her new bike stuff on her bike so we went outside briefly.  Haha.  Silly girls.
Otherwise we haven't done much.  Everyone is still getting over these colds.  Bleah.  Yay winter.