Monday, April 07, 2014

Decorating is More Fun Than Spring Cleaning

Or, Excessive Pictures of Little Miss's New Room.   
(Because, I'm not really planning on doing much spring cleaning.  Other than getting the windows washed because there are dust streaks on them. And wiping out the kitchen cabinets because I haven't since we moved in and they are crumby.)
Cecily likes to read us books sometimes.  Her versions are amusing...  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is mostly "Dere's hotdogs!  Pancakes!"  
So plain hollow core doors are not my favorite....  and they were not intended to have holes drilled in them... which the previous owners ignored.  *sigh*  So our bedroom and bathroom doors have badly patched (or not patched at all) holes and glue marks on the back side.  And I'm afraid that if I painted them they would end up looking more crack-house cheap than typical 60's cheap.  There's just no good way to fix it, other than spending a small fortune on new doors.  Oh, to be independently wealthy... hehe. 
We covered the holes with a bulletin board in Cecily's room.  It ended up being harder than expected- I bought a roll of cork and was planning to use removable adhesive to stick it up there. Yeah, I tried two different kinds and ended up gluing the cork to foam board and then hanging the foam board on the door.  She better appreciate it.
I so tired, Mama.  *grin*  She's doing really well in her bed!  I think she's still a little disoriented in the mornings, but she hasn't been getting out in the evenings.  She did figure out how to climb into the crib now that the mattress is up higher... yikes... this could be bad news.
 We got some shelves hung.  I might look for some cute hooks for her to hang her "stuff" on to go underneath.
 I love the dresser and bed together. 
 Saturday evening was potluck date night, so Cecily went to play with the kids and Bob and I went to Applebee's and Hobby Lobby.  We found frames for "mise" ballerina and for some flower pictures I printed off.  "I inna corner, Mama."
 I think she was putting her bears to bed...  as you can see, she has plenty of reading material to choose from.  Mostly classics, and now arranged alphabetically by author because I'm crazy.   There are some kid books in there, including American Girls and the Boxcar Children.  The westerns, fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure are all out by the computers, if you were wondering.   
This is may be my favorite part of the whole room; white curtains with pink ball fringe and pink glass finials. After blue and white stripes, my next favorite decorating thing is ball fringe. I know, I'm weird.
 And lastly, as much as I would love to say that she's praying in this picture, she's watching her shadow and clapping.  Because the awful track light that's still in there makes great shadows.  Soon it and the fan will be gone and there will be great rejoicing. 
Otherwise, I got to sleep in a little bit this morning after a restless night of waking up to all of my limbs sound asleep and tingling, and the absolute worst leg cramp ever- from my toes to my thighs- stretching the other way just made it cramp on the other side. I thought I had escaped that particular annoyance this time.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike pregnancy? 

Little miss and I also went for a "little ride" in the stroller to pick up my car from the shop.  Then we got to take a "little drive" home... with a stop at the Eli's drive-thru because the driver's window is fixed and actually goes up and down now and drive-thru windows aren't a headache anymore.  Hooray.  *sigh*  We need a van.  I think I am finally at the point where my beloved car is causing me more annoyance than anything else.  It's time to move on.   

Anyway.  Blessings.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

April Showers

We've been keeping busy.  We went to potluck one night, Cecily and I invited ourselves to the farm for supper one night (Bob was at Dang's), we went to Bob's parent's for an early birthday supper, I got her Easter dress done, and it still isn't warm out yet.   
Somebody got rain boots that fit- they're pink and she loves them.  And notice the braid in her hair- I do try to do her hair, she just pulls everything out before long and ends up looking like a hoyden most of the time.  The undies don't help.  O well. There are worse things. 
Saturday we finished raking the sticks.  Bob wanted to have a hose back there when we burned the pile this time (apparently he didn't want to be like me and start trees on fire) and we were just a few feet short so Rustin and Sharon and girls brought their hoses over.  It wasn't super warm out. 
 Hooray for fire.
 Rustin's the crazy pyro who stood in the smoke spraying the grass and the neighbor's trees... 
 This is a typical Sunday afternoon at our house...  "leave her dress on."  She only acts tired at church, then she doesn't stop moving when we get home.
 She helped me make Daddy's birthday cake.  Also known as a "Hatty birthday cake."  (He's 30 now!! So... mature... haha... he may or may not be reading over my shoulder.) I love that she has a gap in her front teeth like Frieda....
Cecily was pretty sure she needed to open all of Daddy's presents. 
Unca Dang came over for supper. Cecily serenaded us all when we lit the candles... she's very enthusiastic at least.

Ok, so Cecily's new bed.  It's a  long, slightly complicated story, but the bunk bed my sister used in college was being stored in Fairbury and was available to us. We decided that instead of buying mattresses for the head board I had bought, we would store the bunk bed and use one of those mattresses for Cecily (until we have two kids out of the crib) with a twin bed frame.  Mom and Dad dropped the bunks off on Tuesday, and we realized we were going to need plywood for the twin bed frame since we aren't going to do a box spring for her. Dad was kind enough to get and cut some down for us and Mom brought it over Wednesday. 

We got the bed all made with her new sheets and comforter and she climbed right in.  And spent quite a while there "reading" books.  I left for my doctor appointment and she was still enjoying "mise little bed."
 It looks so short with out a box spring, but it's just the right height for her.  Maybe it just needs more pillows. *grin*

She slept in it last night.... she got out a few times before she fell asleep but went right back when I took her.  And somehow she slept through the storm.  This morning she woke up, went to the kitchen, got a drink, then came into our room and cried until I tucked her back in bed. 

I moved all her clothes over and now the nursery feels so empty.  mur.  I'll blame it on the hormones...   The walls in her new room are pretty bare still.  I have some shelves I could hang. When I was cleaning out my décor stash she found a Degas print I had in college of a "ballereenda" that she claimed.  Otherwise it might be pretty bare in there for awhile.  Anybody have cute little girl wall décor ideas?     

Otherwise, we've been trying to go outside when it's nice.  And I pulled out all the crib bedding and blankets and burp clothes and onesies to wash... after a good soak in oxiclean.  Crazy how stains show up even though they were put away stain free. 

She wanted to "smile for Daddy" with her Easter bow in but she wouldn't hold still long enough for a non-blurry picture, so this is the best I got.  Silly girl.  Then she wants to see it.  Kids these days...  why back in my day we had to wait until mom got the film developed and dad used Seattle Filmworks so it took foreeeeever to get pictures back.  *grin* 
Anyway.  Blessings.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ok, it can be spring now.

One day in flip-flops and I DO NOT want to go back to shoes.   
We had a fairly uneventful week, which is nice. 
I was debating whether or  not to go vote after my doctor appointment Tuesday, since I ignored all political calls and I felt slightly uninformed.  Was it just me, or was there not much info in the paper about the candidates?  I decided to go... and felt like a celebrity because they were having a very slow day. Haha.  Cecily even got a sticker, which she wore proudly.  I got her a chair for camping so we  don't have to borrow one; she wanted a drink for her cup holder. 
This is my current reading material:
a little bit of crunchiness (but it's super interesting and is helping explain why things went the way they did with Cecily...), a little bit of fun (ok, so it's alright and I'm sure it would be a good read aloud for kids, but it's not my favorite book ever), and a whole lot of awesome.  I've actually never read TCMC unabridged before.  I think I probably should since I love it so much abridged. 
Flip-flops are wonderful.  Warm is wonderful.  Little miss pigtails decided the broom would make a good horsey.    
I took Cecily to story time at the Library on Thursday.  I think she liked it.  I only had to retrieve her from the front once...  And she carried around the craft- "Mise train" the rest of the day. 

We spent a few hours picking up sticks on Saturday.  Ugh.  Bob collected the piles Cecily and I have been making when we're outside and I raked.  So. Many. Sticks.  The pile is huge and I still need to rake the back third of the yard.  I'm rather fond of going barefoot and would rather not step on sticks. 

Someone took a long nap for once and I finally got our TEOTWAWNI emergency stockpile a little bit more organized...  (No worries, family.  We have no plans to move to an Idaho compound anytime soon.)  hehe.  Or you could just call it the pantry... don't mind the other random stuff on the shelves.

Saturday evening we went to the soup supper.  Lots of good food, as usual.  Sunday was uneventful, and today the most exciting thing we did was make chocolate pudding from scratch.  Somebody wanted 'mise pooding' for lunch and we didn't have any, or any boxed mixes.  *grin*  It's a little runnier than I'm used to but it tastes pretty good. 


Sunday, March 16, 2014


Friday night Bob and I dropped Cecily off at the farm and headed to Chicago.  First time we've ever left her over night... yeah... I know.  I suppose this trip was to celebrate our 5th anniversary, which is the end of April, maybe more just because I wanted to go to Chicago.  *grin*  We could also just pretend we decided to celebrate on my grandparent's anniversary... the Ides of March...
We stayed at the Palmer House- it's a pretty cool place and I've always wanted to stay there.  I mean, this is the lobby:    
Notice the green accent lights... yeah... it was St. Patrick's day weekend in Chicago.  I wouldn't recommend going that weekend in the future. 
We didn't get up into the city until 9ish and poor Bob got to deal with me attempting to navigate and playing tour guide- "oooo, there's the Calder stabile, and that building was designed by Mies Van der Rohe, and we need to turn really soon..."  hehe.   I did pay attention in ACS!  And Bob did awesome driving in the city- we drove right to the hotel.    
We headed out mid morning to explore and find lunch.  With tons of people dressed in ridiculous green outfits... yeah... the St. Patrick's Day parade was that day.  So we got to take in the sights of Michigan avenue with lots of drunk people heading to the parade.  It was like Unofficial only times 1000.  ugh.  Oh well.  Bob had never had real Chicago deep dish pizza so we went to Giordano's for lunch.  There was a little bit of a wait, but it was so worth it.  This, this is pizza.  (And Bob didn't know he was in the picture.)    
Then we wandered back to our car and stopped in at Marshal Field's/ Macy's.  I don't think Bob had ever been there.  Such a cool old building....  minus the prevailing smell of beer on the other patrons.... gah... did I mention I wouldn't recommend hanging out in the loop on St. Patrick's weekend?  Marshal Field's should NOT smell like beer.  *sigh*  Oh well, still a Chicago tradition.
We drove farther north along the lake (and saw the green river) and got parked in plenty of time for Blue Man Group so we wandered around a bit and got ice cream.  I'm really not sure how to describe Blue Man Group,  they're just fun.  I went with chorus in High School and remember it being super cool.  And they appeal to my strange sense of humor and deeply repressed desire to paint myself blue... or something.  I enjoyed it greatly, and I think Bob did too...  

It took us forever to get out of the city- between the traffic and all the crazy drunk people (don't go to Chicago on St. Pat's weekend) it was slow going.  We stopped at Portillo's and I got a Chicago style hot dog... keeping in the theme of classic Chicago food.  We are not into gourmet, haha. 

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Cecily was having all kinds of fun.  Mom and Shelly took her ice skating and it sounds like she loved it.  I am jealous- I feel like I've missed out on all of the things that make winter bearable- skiing, skating, sledding...  due to my delicate condition.  Mur. 
She did not go to sleep very well for my mom- she said she saw 2am.  Yikes!  Silly girl... but it looks like she was up bright and early demanding cocoa (with marshpillows). 
 And she got to meet Petey at Matt and Lena's. 
She wouldn't take a nap for Mom either and was still going strong when we came to pick her up.  She fell asleep almost right away in the car, silly girl.  She didn't sleep in this morning either... I ended up bringing her home from church at noon because she was so tired and stumbling around (and she refuses to sleep at church anymore...).  Hopefully we're all rested and (mostly) recovered from our fun weekend.  I am feeling really stiff today- I am so out of shape and my shoulder hurts from carrying my heavy purse all day. 

So yeah, it was really fun.  I like the city in small doses.  We were both glad to get back to our quiet street in our quiet town.  *grin* 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Like a Lion

Ah March, it is still too cold and snowy for me.  At least it's light out now!  Cecily talked me into buying a bouquet out of the sale section at the grocery store because it was "bootiful" and she wanted to smell it.  Plus it looked so fresh and springy.   
We got out the play dough one day...  she proceeded to build snow men with it.  

Friday morning we went to Five Points to swim.  We saw Aunt Madelyn there.  Aunt Lena came swimming with us, and Mom came and watched.  It was fun- now she asks "Maybe t'morrow go to swimmin' pool?"  *grin*  Then we went to McDonalds for pepperfries and chicken nuggets. Mom and I stopped to see G and G and Pearl briefly and then I took a very tired little girl home... she was asleep before we got out of town.

Someone was quite excited to go outside Monday, even though those boots are getting way too small.  And mud is suddenly "icky."  *sigh*  We picked up lots of sticks and there are still more.    
I got her new sunglasses- she freaks out in the car sometimes if the sun is too bright.  Now she wants to wear them all the time...
Tuesday little miss and I went to Katie's mom's visitation... yeah... no words.   Bob had to work late, so I went when my parents could watch Cecily in the back.  She insisted on wearing her sunny glasses in, and then wondered where the princess was (it was at the fellowship hall).  O dear.  No brides this time, kiddo... "all done princess?"  I got to stand in line with Uncle Cleo, which was good, and see some family I haven't seen in a while (no one quite like cousin Bernie- *grin*).  I listened online to the funeral this morning and had to get a Kleenex a few times. 

"C'mere, Mom, play toys!" 
Otherwise, it's been quiet.  I decided to make her Easter dress, because once again I found a super cute dress on sale....  for $100.  Um... yeah.  Not going to happen.  So I'm working on that and trying to decide if it would be dumb to start any other projects around here.  If it does ever warm up I'm going to want to be outside, but there are things that need painting inside that are starting to bug me... what to do, what to do.


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I am agog, I am aghast

Somebody is getting tired of being stuck in the house (and it's not me).  "Maybe t'morrow go to grocery store."  "Maybe 'morrow go to church."  hehe.  Poor girl.
We, well, Bob, replaced all the outlets in Cecily's new room on Saturday because I like white outlets better than almond.  They just look prettier and cleaner, especially with the blue-gray paint.  That evening we went to Flat Top for supper with Bob's family because Susan was home for a wedding.  Cecily actually ate a lot of noodles and 'tatoes and 'trees' (aka broccoli).  Which was good, since stir fried green beans are apparently too crunchy and she was not interested in the bread. 
Sunday morning at 4 am we woke up to the sound of our neighbors leaf blower.... yeah....  they were blowing snow off of their cars. Um.  OK.   Did I mention it was 4 am?!  ugh.  Anyway, so none of us slept very soundly after that...  and then someone refused to nap that afternoon... the older she gets, it gets more and more unpleasant when she doesn't sleep so we didn't do anything that evening.  She did get to climb the snow piles with Daddy for a little bit.
Tate came over on Monday morning to hang out while Fred and Di went to the funeral.  Cecily was pretty excited to have someone fun to play with, since she's usually stuck with just me.   

She wanted to stay wrapped up in her towel "like a princess" after her bath.   Whatever.  This is how we eat ice cream in a bath towel.
Tuesday we spent most of the day in P-town.  I had an appointment so little miss and I went to Chik-fil-a for pepper-fries and did some shopping while we were there.  O man.  One of the very few perks of being pregnant in the winter is that winter coats hide a lot for a lot longer.  Until this week.  I'm suddenly getting comments from total strangers...  someone tried to touch me at Menards... someone asked if I was having twins (whaaa??).  Omygoodness. Absolutely aghast.   I'm wearing a lovely, thick (and delightfully warm) winter coat and carrying a two year old- how can you even have enough visual information to make a comment like that??  Plus I don't know you and that's creepy. 

*sigh*  So yeah.  NOT doing much for my self esteem... even though the Doc says I'm right on track for weight gain and fundal height is measuring exactly at 32 weeks... so statistically I'm no bigger or smaller than any other woman at this point.  Which really, is interesting to me because it means that perceived size is dependent on body type and height and therefore there is no basis for comparison between women... apples and oranges people.

And while I'm on a soap box... 
... comments about weight and size are not appropriate.  Ever.  I know way too many people who have had issues with eating disorders.  It's scary to watch.  So I will probably never comment on your weight loss.  Or gain.  Plus it's just plain rude. 

... gestational state is not anyone else's business.  Seriously.  I was talking to some of my sister's newlywed friends at her wedding and we were discussing how people will say Hi, look down at your abdomen (hello, I'm up here!), or just flat out make comments about having kids (It happens when your kid is getting close to 2 also...), and how awkward and uncomfortable it makes them.  So stop.  It's not your business unless they tell you.

... And that weekend three different people asked me when I was going to have another one, if I was pregnant (gee thanks, I'm already feeling like a frumpy matron up there with all of Shell's cute friends...), and that it was 'time for another one.'  What do you say to that??  Um... well, gee, see, I was unexpectedly not pregnant this month so no, and I don't know when we're going to have another one, and it might be time for another one, but there's no guarantee it will ever happen.  Granted, one month does not secondary infertility make, but what if it had been months?  What if I had recently miscarried?  What if I was someone who really, really, wanted a baby and it wasn't happening?   So not cool.  I can't imagine having fertility issues and then having to deal with insensitive comments on top of it. 

For the record, I don't care what your current gestational state is.  *grin*  However, if you're dealing with morning sickness (or just plain sick) and the thought of cooking makes you want run to the bathroom feel free to ask me to bring you supper (or if you're far away, I can at least order pizza or take out or something!).  I won't assume.  Pretty sure there's nothing worse than 10 solid weeks of 24/7 nausea when just the smell of the fridge, let alone cooking, sends you over the edge...      

And no, I am not 'counting down' yet.  I don't count down to things I'm not really looking forward too.  Labor and delivery?  A newborn?  Ugh.  These are things to be gotten through.    

Alright, off the soapbox.   I should try and come up with something fun to do with my poor bored little girl so she will quit using her hair as a dust mop on the floor...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Well here we are again...

The same old shape we're in...
Apparently, bathtubs are great places to play.  
She made quite a few trips back and forth to get all "mise toys." 
Nathan and Shelly came over Thursday evening.  Cecily was very excited to see them.  Bob and Nathan played nerdy games while us girls watched ice skating.  And little miss always wants some one to dance on the ice with her, which involves a lot of spinning, which makes me very dizzy.  I don't last long.  *grin*
Lena was nice enough to come over on Friday to help paint/ keep Cecily occupied and out of the paint (probably the most important job).  Right before she got there, I went downstairs to get paint brushes and discovered water all around the perimeter of the work shop.  Aaahhh.  It wasn't much and I mopped most of it up pretty quickly.  We're hoping it was just because there was a disconnected downspout extender on that side of the house; which we would discover after all the snow on the roof melted.  *sigh* We also discovered that Cecily is completely terrified of "scary fans."  Now I have a good way to keep her away from things- plug in a fan and she won't go near it! 
So then we finally started painting.  It turned out more blue than gray, but hey, I like blue.  (Lena- I had to do a second coat of everything I did.... Matt has taught you well... hehe.)  Little miss is enjoying how echo-y an empty room is. 

It's also fun to twirl and jump in all that space.   You can't really tell, but I had scrubbed the floor really well to get some ink and marker and random black marks off and it had definitely worn off the finish in a few spots.  So I tried some floor restorer stuff in the hopes that it would look good enough that I wouldn't wish I had refinished the floor...(Bob said that's what rugs and furniture are for...boys...) It worked pretty well!  It didn't take away the scratches but it definitely looks more shiny.    
I'm excited to get the light and fan replaced sometime soon!

We babysat for Grace and Eden that night... busy day!

Then on Saturday Bob got the lovely job of hauling out all the random scrap wood that had gotten wet in the basement. So I guess it's an ill wind that blows no good... I'll take a little bit of water if it means less random junk in the house. O, and here's a picture of my new sewing setup in the basement.  Too bad it's a little bit chilly down there. 

Little miss and I went to the farm Sunday evening for supper since my parents (who are fast becoming elderly snow birds) just got back from Texas. 

O, and little miss loves bacon.  If I mess up everything else, at least I have done this one thing right...

Otherwise, it's been quiet.  Blessings.