Sunday, November 27, 2016


Well, we made it through Thanksgiving.   Thank goodness. 
It was good, but Cadence has been fussy lately, and the girls get cranky when they are off routine and super exited and refusing to eat anything but bread and pie.  And a little turkey.
 Silly girls... it's not sandal weather anymore.
 She loves to watch the big girls play!
Oh Emmy.  Such a little corker.  I stumbled out of bed one morning just in time to stop her from taking a big forkful of butter.  *sigh*
Just chillin' in my shades.
 They wanted to have a picnic and it was not warm enough for a picnic, they settled for the kitchen floor. 
 Last week Grandma got invited to go quilting at Diane's, and she was gracious enough to invite me too.  (I like quilting but they are way out of my league!) So Cadence and I got to go stitch for awhile and the girls got to play with my mom... they all had colds.  

And this happened. *sigh*
 She was so pleased with herself though... "I helpin' you mama!"  We scrambled them for lunch.

 Cecily wanted to use her sewing kit so she "needled" for a while one afternoon.  I am not very patient, but she was having fun.  Emmy could not keep her hands off the extra needles. 
 Walmart doesn't have car carts.  She was running out of room so she sat on the frozen turkey, silly kid.
So motherly....
And domestic...  haha.  
We went to Washington and the farm for Thanksgiving this year.  Cadence played with a tractor while we got lunch ready.
So Mom made the turkey this year (delicious!) and I somehow ended up making the gravy.... (tasted great, not quite as thick as I'd like it...just call me Lydiann).  I love thanksgiving.  We had so much pie.  Because we are Wysses.  And the pie disher-outers teased me because I wanted small slices of three kinds.   

Then this happened because we weren't paying attention.  Maybe she was getting ready to put on a pilgrims and Indians thanksgiving portrayal? 
Nerdy games.  They were very patient and let Cecily 'play.'
Ok, so sad/embarrassing story....  I decided my beloved feather pillow could use a wash and a fluff in the dryer.  Well, said feather pillow is probably 20+ years old (it says Lois Schlipf on it... so, yeah...).  One of the seams split in the washing machine.  Wet. Feathers.  Everywhere.  And they were all over the sheets so they got all over the dryer too.  I tumbled them for a while and vacuumed out the lint trap every 20 minutes or so.  Mur.  So many feathers.  And then I had to sleep on a not-feather pillow for a few nights and my neck hurt.  Boo.

Anyway, I was worried that there were still feathers in the vent pipe so I had Bob check it out.  Not many feathers, but a dead mouse!  Maybe that's what we were smelling last week....  
 We got out the Christmas decorations and they decorated their little tree.
And Saturday we hosted some of my cousins for the evening.  We ate pizza; the guys and Cecily played games.
 The girls and Jack and Gideon played with toys.
We ate brownies that Emmy helped me make- and added some extra salt to- I made soft pretzels because they sounded good.  And then Trent and Clayton watched My Little Pony with Cecily... hehe. 
Otherwise, I've been trying to bake ahead for the holidays, and I made a bunch of crepes for Grandma to fill.  I finished sewing the girl's Christmas dresses (Cecily had her heart set on a dress that was more than I wanted to spend, and if I'm sewing for one, might as well sew for three.) So now it's almost December when it really gets crazy.... woot.  

Oh, and the girls are very excited that Uncle Jakey got a job!  (In Iowa, sadness.)  Emmy- "Who will play with we at the farm?" Cecily- "Grandpa will have to."  And Emmy won't need to sing her 'Jakey not hab a job to do' song anymore.   The golden key even made it out to decorate his new digs!


Saturday, November 12, 2016

How 'bout them Cubs?!?

 To quote my favorite play, "The whole world's at sixes and sevens, and why the house hasn't fallen down about our ears long ago is a miracle to me!"  Thorton Wilder, "The Skin of Our Teeth"

Little dolly is still a big girl... we went to the Doctor last week and she is topping the charts.  And the older girls were so good that the Doc gave them extra stickers, which made me so proud... until they started fighting like cats and dogs again as soon as we got home... haha.
 The Cubs won the World Series!!  I'm not sure I would call myself a Cubs fan anymore; it's been years since I've given the sports page anything but a cursory the Mark Grace/Sammy Sosa era.  But back in the day I liked the Cubs, much to the chagrin of my Cardinal fan father... hehe.  It was the Kellenbergers' fault.  Anyway, it was fun to follow them this season since I went to HS with Ben Zobrist.  Also, "how 'bout them Cubs" is my favorite conversation changer so it's great that the answer isn't "they're bad"! 

What wasn't so fun was the crazy fans who thought they needed to blare "Go Cubs Go" in the cemetery at 1am.  I mean really, it's been 108 years, surely you could wait until morning to tell your dearly departed the good news??

We hosted potluck last Friday.  I have forgotten everything I learned in floral design class, but I can't resist fresh flowers.
Bob really, really, really wanted to serve Horseshoes.  So we did.  (and ran out of propane mid grilling... woot.)  Good thing the cheese sauce covers up dry burgers...  Oh and we served diner food on china.  The contrast was amusing.  
The girls went to the farm for the evening and I enjoyed the quiet, clean house.  Our potluck is always up for random things and they indulge my love of science... we made a sugar snake!  
The weather Saturday was delightful.  They wanted to jump in the leaves.
And ride their bikes.
And then since they all had on a similar shirt we tried to take a Christmas picture.... she's a corker that one.... no luck on the picture.
 My latest sewing project- copying a BR shirt that was out of stock... don't mind the kid wrinkles and that I'm not a tall, thin model. I was pleased with the result.
Oh Emmy.   She iss not adjusting to the time change... I heard her in the kitchen one morning and stumbled out to find her like this.  She was pleased as punch with her breakfast.
 Another morning she ate Oreos from a package she opened with a scissors... I need to get up earlier.
She gets her fashion sense from me. Hehe. 
On Tuesday we voted.  I voted independent so I left the polling place with a smile on my face and a clear conscience. #McMullin   Ha. We went to Eli's afterward for free cookies and cocoa. 
Today at school we polished silver chemically- hooray for old souvenir spoons! 
Otherwise it's been quiet- I think Cadence is teething so I haven't taken her anywhere I don't absolutely need to... woot.


Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Reformation-ween!

We've been keeping busy around here... or they are keeping me busy.... something like that.
Sometimes I forget to shut the wireless off on the tablet and they suddenly get quiet and I find them like this... "Go away, I want to watch moo-bies!" Haha.  Um... No.  "Why you shut the moo-bies off, Mama??"
Last Friday, Carol and Fred invited Greg and Mary and us for supper.  It was quite enjoyable.  Good food, good company, and a great old house that I'm only slightly jealous of.  ;)  They have all kinds of animals too (tame kittens!), so the girls thought it was the best. 

 Oh!  I have a new nephew!  We stopped by to meet Gideon briefly- Cadence is such a big girl, and he's such a little guy... hehe. 
 She doesn't like her stomach... and then she actually made it over!  Haha, she was a little bit startled.
 I want two braids like Laura(Ingalls)! 
"I'm like Mary, and Emmy is like Laura, and Cadence can be baby Carrie!"  Maybe that's what we'll do next year for Halloween...  also, I'm leaning toward using the family pictures we got when Cadence was born as our Christmas card.... because, yeah.  
We are enjoying the weather!  Although it's still hard to get outside for some reason- haven't quite figured out why.  No more mosquitoes!   Bare feet! Life is good.
 They wanted to 'do a craft' with leaves.
We spent this last weekend in Washington for Trent's baptism.  We ate supper at the condos with everyone Saturday night, and then the girls got to stay and play while we went to church.  Cadence has discovered her voice and likes to make loud squeaks so we were only in for the first half of Trent's testimony.  And they didn't have the speakers on in the baby room, so yeah.  That was a bummer.  We only stayed for his and then got the girls so they could get to bed.  

Sunday was good, I guess.  Sunday's are just rough.  It's so stressful to get everyone up and ready, and then try and keep them contained and behaving and I'm tired exhausted... by the time we get home I'm wiped out.  And I feel like I can hardly have a conversation with anyone- when I do get a chance to talk I can barely string a complete sentence together.  (If I look at you blankly, it's not you, it's me.)  *sigh*  This too shall pass, right?  Anyway.  Emmy was soooo excited she got to sit with Uncle Jakey in afternoon church.  And Grandma and Grandpa... Bob took Cadence so I got a short break from the chaos.  "Trent got WET!"  Hehe. I'm getting old- I teared up a couple of times. Neither of the older two would even look at him in the line.  Sometimes I wonder where they came from; other times it's so painfully obvious.  :P  

So today we were lazy.  And then I attempted a selfie with my little cheese.  (I apparently need more selfie practice.)   (Also, she kind of looks like a banana.  Oh well.)
The Cat and the Mouse...  I figured Halloween would be cold, because it always is, so Emmy could wear her grey coat. She's wearing Cecily's shirt instead.  And flip flops. 
SO not happy to be in her car seat!  We drove to Grandma Beutel's  briefly and they got to practice saying trick-or-treat, and thank you.   
Then we walked to our neighbors.  Honestly, I used to be kind of anti-trick-or-treating (and I was terrified of the idea as a kid), but it's the only time all year when you can just go ring your neighbors doorbell and chat. I suppose you could other times, but I would feel weird because I'm shy... And it's kind of the last hurrah to even see our neighbors before we all hole up for the winter. 

Emmy was way more into it than I expected.
 Cecily really wanted to wait until it was dark... um... no. 
 Home again!  They had fun answering the doorbell until supper time. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Wagner kind of week

 Thankfully the last week and a half has not been quite so crazy... quite.  
We got a bunch of yard work done on Saturday, swept out the garage, and row-hoed the garden.  The girls even helped Bob pick up sticks and burn the stick pile.
The little table got moved upstairs so they wanted to eat a snack at it. 
We tried again on Tuesday to get this little one's pictures taken.  It went much better and she smiled great.
Then I tried to take her to sewing club that evening.  She was good long enough for me to eat, then she screamed.  And wouldn't eat, and wouldn't calm down.  So I took her home.  I was there for about 45 minutes.  Mur.  I was a little bit disappointed, so I sulked sewed for a while.
So the grocery store now has an option to order online and they bring it out to you at the store... which sounds pretty awesome.  I tried it on Wednesday after story hour... we had a hard time getting out the door and then I left my phone at home and it was raining... you're supposed to call and tell them when you arrive.  *sigh*  I was so frustrated with myself.  I had to walk in to the store through the rain, but otherwise it was a pretty great way to get groceries!  
Since I wasn't in the best mood and it was Wednesday and I hadn't finished my chemistry lecture yet, and did I mention it was raining, I listened to all of Die Meistersinger von Nurnburg.  Because Wagner is awesome.  And Cecily asked, "is that done yet?"  Ha.  No, no it's not.
"Get on your own bike Cecy!!"
 So our bouncy seat was originally borrowed from Sharon.  After her two girls and ours the fabric cover was looking pretty sad.  And starting to shred in places.  So I sewed a new one.  I bought double faced quilted fabric and bound all the seams so it's reversible.  Woot woot.  Cadence likes it and she's figured out how to kick her legs to make herself bounce.
 Last Saturday was a lazy day and so nice out.  They are obsessed with finding acorns (we don't have oak trees), or as Emmy calls them- "eggnuts." Cecily wanted to carve her pumpkin so we did... she drew a face and I cut it out.  Emmy was more interested in rolling the other pumpkins around the porch.
 Finished product...
Then they played in the sandbox... They dress themselves... (someday when you're reading this girls, it wasn't me, it was you!)
Sunday after church we went to Tom and Andria's T-town reception.  Good times.  Sarah and Ryan were there and it was fun to see them.  We actually made it to hymn sing in the evening, so it was a full day.
Today was Cadence's 111st day!  Woot woot!  We've made it eleventy-one days, and it's all down hill from here.  Ha.  Bob suggested a three layer skillet cookie... so I baked cookie bars in round pans and made ganache for the filling and the top.  It wasn't quite thin enough so it looks more lumpy than drippy and elegant.  Oh well, it tastes great. 
 Little snuffles slept through her own eleventy-first day celebration.  (ooo, this is the reverse of the bouncy cover)
We took a picture together later.  She was not too impressed.  Also, I pretty much look as frazzled as I feel these days...