Sunday, September 07, 2014

School Days, School Days...

I am such a wimp about humidity...  so we didn't spend much time outside last week.  Poor Cecily.  She wants to go out, but then she doesn't want to stay out for very long, and she won't go out without me, and it's such a hassle to haul Emmy in and out...  
One hot afternoon's activity- lining up the princess dominos.  Emmy just happily plays with whatever we hand her. 
Friday morning we were up bright and early.  Yikes.  I haven't seen 7 on my alarm clock in a loooong time.  Cecily was so excited to go to "teaching school" that she asked to go to bed early the night before and woke up when she heard me get up. 

So we were all out the door on time.  Cecily got to play with some other little kids in the church nursery- we will have no trouble getting her to go to Sunday school, or kindergarten, she's already 'you can go now Mom'...   Emmy slept the entire time we were there, thankfully.

I have 10 kids in my class (I thought there were 8... ah well, the more the merrier!).  I pulled out my old molecular modeling kit and made a bunch of water molecules and scattered them in front of the door- with a "Caution, wet floor" sign... because Chemistry jokes are the best.  And I made them fill out notecards with things like, 'one word to describe how you feel about Chemistry.'  "Unenthusiastic" um...  "mathematically intimidated"  (that kid probably had the math figured out the best...).  Since I've never lesson planned before, or lectured before, or taught anything, really, I was pleasantly surprised that what I planned to go over fit the class period perfectly.  And I wasn't super nervous.  So hooray!  I also told them to cherish their new laminated periodic tables.  Not sure what they went home and told their parents...

As my mother reminded me, I do know more than they do.  hehe.  And I have permission to use all of my old HS teacher's material.  Mr. Bill is the best.  I shall never achieve his level of teaching excellence... or his corny jokes.  I've also been reminding myself that Prof. Peter Beak is on my list of top 5 chemistry teachers, and he was probably the most boring lecturer I've had... but he cared about us, and he cared if we understood what he was teaching.  Anyway.  Hopefully it continues to be fun for me.     I'm trying to decide if I need to buy a "I wear this shirt periodically" periodic table shirt. Probably yes.

Little miss I-still-hate-pants was pretty sure she needed to double check my measurements.  We were covering wipes boxes with fabric for more pretty toy storage. 
 Since it cooled off, Bob took the girls on a bike ride in the bike trailer.  Emmy seemed to enjoy it... Cecily loves bike rides.
We attempted freezing potatoes on Saturday.  Some of them were already getting moldy, so Bob helped me peel and blanch a safeguard bucket full.  It was a lot of work- not sure it was worth it.  There's still a 5-gallon bucket's worth of potatoes in the basement that I'm not sure if I want to freeze or just try and eat before they go bad. 

She doesn't like to be left in her bouncy when we're eating, and Cecily decided she doesn't want to sit in the high chair anymore, sooo... Emmy-girl got to try it out with some blankets to keep her sitting up.  She was quite pleased with herself.
Otherwise, we had a quiet weekend.  Church today and the ordination service this evening... oh, and I have a cold.  But I think I'm getting better. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Labor Day

How is summer almost over? 
Oh, these two.  I guess I'm glad that Cecily likes her now... and Emmy is so chill...
We had a good weekend... we "camped."  Ha.  The idea of tent camping with a baby who wasn't sleeping through the night (she is now! yay!!) with the forecast of rain every day...  I wasn't too sad to just hang out at the cabin Friday evening.
Emmy fell asleep next to Greg on the couch.  Hehe.  She slept there for quite a while.  
Saturday morning we ate breakfast at the cabin and then the men left to dig a hole.  And plant the tree our potluck got B and J in memory of Derek.  The ladies and kids went swimming.  I'm not sure who had the more difficult task... oh wait... that would be us.  *grin*

Cecily totally freaked out about swimming.  I'm not sure if it was the moss, or the muddy bottom, or the water temperature but she did not want to swim and she was mad at me.  She decided she liked Nichole and wanted nothing to do with me.  *eye roll* 
 These two make me smile.
 There are a lot of little kids in our camping group.  Yeah. 
 Sunday evening it had dried out a little bit and the rain in the forecast never materialized so we ate supper out at the timber. 
Cecily was pretty excited to play with the kids again.  She keeps asking me if we're going to 'eat at the fire at the cabin with the kids'.  It was a good weekend, even without the camping.
 Cecily has been using the word "shall" in everyday conversation.  It's amusing.  The funniest yet has been, "shall you buy me polka dot bundies 'amorrow?"  Um...  not planning on it little girl... ha!

I spent Monday laboring... haha. Family tradition I guess.  We got some bushes for the back of our yard and I dug a bunch of holes for them.  There are a ton of tree roots back there so it was not an entirely pleasant job.  

Tuesday evening I went to a meeting for school.... ayiyiyi I'm nervous.  And today I practiced making a density column.  Little miss thought the "rainbow" was pretty cool.   

Friday, August 29, 2014


So... catch up.  *grin*  We've been getting back to normal around here.  And working on canning and freezing vegetables.
Last year we didn't eat all of the onions we grew before they started to rot... I don't think I dried them right... anyway, according to the Ball Blue Book you can freeze onions.  So I donned my lab goggles and peeled and blanched onions.  And the whole house smelled like onions.  And I had goggle lines.  woot.
Oooh, what is this, mama, it's very interesting...  
Since none of us like to go outside in the humidity, she's been spending lots of time coloring. 
The girls and I stopped in at Restmor to visit Beulah one afternoon.  She hadn't met Emmy yet, so that was fun. 
I of course, decided that the hottest day outside would be a great day to start doing tomatoes... so it was hot inside as well.  I've been 'measuring' the amount of produce I've picked in terms of Safegaurd buckets... the hog farmers who read this should just not think about it... 

She's dancing.  hehe.  Or just waving her arms. 
Thursday I got to eat out with Amy and Katie- there was an email mix-up so the other girls didn't make it.  We still had fun! 

Sunday was Emmy's Eleventy-first day.  We celebrated Hobbit style- with a meat pie and seed cakes for supper.  They looked like what I imagine when foodies call things "rustic."  They were also more scone-like than cake-like, and the caraway seeds added a different flavor... but I liked them.  The meat pie was from the Farm Journal Pie Cookbook, so of course it was good.   
Such a smiley baby.  And so squeeshy. 
O man, she needs to start sleeping again soon... the last two nights have been slightly better... but I keep thinking, 'I picked a bad week to quit caffeine...'  Ha!  I have no plans to do that any time soon.

So I found this adorable little U of I cheerleader outfit at a consignment store this week.  And Cecily has one that Sharon found a while ago....  *grin*  Hail to the orange...
We dug potatoes that night- 1 five gallon bucket and 1 safeguard bucket full.  I may attempt freezing them too, since I haven't had much luck storing them either.  Then I let little miss swim in her "il-noy shirt."  In the dark. 

She cracks me up sometimes...  I told her we were making spaghetti sauce for "winter."  So a little while later I hear "this is my sgetti's, not Winter's."  And I've been finding clothes for her for this fall and winter...  "This is my dress, not Winter's dress.  It's not hers."  *grin*  Doesn't help that sometimes we swim at Summer's house. 

We went to the farm this afternoon and got some more tomatoes.  Woot woot.  Cecily was pretty excited to see Gus.  And Grandma and Grandpa. 

Otherwise, it's been quiet, which we love.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey, it's good to be back home again...

... this trip was a John Denver and Statler Brothers kind of trip.  Kentucky was a Varsity Men's Glee Club and Other Guy's kind of trip... Missouri was Cedarmont Kids...  in case you were wondering what our road trips sound like...  *grin*

Well.  We were home for another week before we headed to Leo for Alyssa and Shane's wedding.  I'm not really sure what we did... unpacked and did laundry and mowed and got this little girl's 3 month pictures taken.   
 She's so smiley.  And squishy.
For comparison; Emmy on the left, Cecily on the right at 3 months. 

 Mom met us and kept Cecily occupied while Emmy was smiling for the photographer.  I had a very hard time deciding which pose to get because there were so many good ones.  I wonder how long that will last...  haha.

So Saturday morning we loaded up again and headed for Indiana.  I'm getting really, really good at packing.  Even if mom laughed at the amount of stuff we brought for one night; we really did pack light.

Cecily colored for quite a while in the car.  Thankfully, both girls do great on long trips!
There was pizza waiting at the hotel when we got there.  Little miss independent decided she was going to eat supper with Matt and Lena. 

Then we went swimming with the kids.  She was having a blast swimming with the big girls.
Holding hands with Kebe and Cami.
 They wanted her to jump in with them... she doesn't like to go under... but she didn't freak out when Jaci dropped her in!  Progress...
We did not get very much sleep that night.  Emmy woke up every two hours, the air conditioner was loud, we were on Eastern time so we got up earlier than normal... sigh...oh well.

The girls were both really good in church (thank goodness for Lena!  and the boy sitting next to us!).  The wedding was lovely, and yes, I got teary.

Then it was off to the fabulous reception at the Klopfenstein estate...  *grin*  It was so cool- they set up a tent in their backyard, the jets were on in the pool, there were cool decorations in the woods.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures.  Mostly because the girls were both (all three of us?) hot, tired, and crabby by then. 

Inside the tent:
 Table decorations:
 Head table:
Even the woods between the house and the river were pretty.

And the bathrooms... who knew porta-potties could be cute?
 Roxy got a bow for the occasion...
 Lys wanted the guys to sing a few songs.  Ned played too, but I was inside so I missed it.
 Mom wanted to get a family picture... Cecily insisted that Lena hold her.
 And then I wanted one of us... ha!  guess what stage of life we're in!?  This is actually one of the better ones that Clayton took.  *grin*
So I realized I didn't get any pictures of Shane and Alyssa.  *sigh*  Oh well.  She looked adorable... her dress was tea length and she had red shoes, so cool. 

We didn't stay to see them off- we put our tired girls in the van and drove all the way home without stopping. 

And now I really hope we can be back to our normal schedule for a while.  We've spent five consecutive Saturdays on the road.  Approximately 35 hours worth of travel time... woot woot.  I love a good road trip, but man it's good to be back home again!


Monday, August 11, 2014

The week between the lakes

Err...  land between the vacations... land between the lakes...  anyway.
So we had a week at home between our two vacations. 
Barely enough time to get all the laundry done before I packed it all back up again. Woot. 
We spent one afternoon at the farm doing sweet corn with Lena and Mom.  Cecily got to go see Dianne's kitties and Miles "hopping like a bunny."  I brought home green beans too; so much produce.
They were pretty happy to be home.

Bob thinks it's fun to stick things under her arms...
I was busy cooking my two meals for vacation #2 (plus a birthday cake!) and little miss wanted to go outside... I told her she could go by herself if she stayed on the porch.  She let herself in and out a few times and I got some work done.
Snack time.
I've got a turtle...
Friday night we went out to eat with Dang and his family at Avanti's.  Emmy slept.  Cecily was too busy being distracted by Jason's boys to eat much. 
So then we packed up and headed for Kentucky Lake. 
We were all four in the same room and Emmy decided to stop sleeping more than four hours at night.  *sigh*  And Cecily woke up a few times crying about her bears.
One day Rustin got two jet skis. I took Cecily out for a ride on the 'little boat' which I think she enjoyed. 
We wanted to go up to the locks and watch the boats go through...  apparently they don't let you get that close anymore, which was sad. 
So we looked at the dam and smelled the dead fish in the heat.
Cecily would have turned the crank in the visitors center all day.
Little miss wanted to swim every day.  She's getting a lot better swimming around in her life jacket.  And she loved the "Minnie House" kick board.
Susan took her fishing.  Or something.  I think they fed a turtle or something a lot of live bait.  Haha.
Little chubby-hugs was great.  She also blended in with the bedspread and walls in our room. 
It was a pretty nice house- it was clean!  But so full of stuff!  I didn't take any pictures but every wall had many things on it, mirrors, cross stitch, random silk floral arrangements.  And then Susan found a brown recluse.  And I was ready to go home, like, yesterday.  Ugh.  I hate scary spiders.  Don't Google brown recluse bites.  So we shook out everything and I tried not to freak out too much.
We all went on a short pontoon boat ride.  Emmy slept through her first boat ride. 
Cecily had a great time running around and watching the water.
Bob thought she needed "Minnie House."  It kept her occupied for a long time in the car on the way home.
Someone was very happy to be home!  Hehe. 
So now the garden is full of weeds again and the grass was super tall and I'm tired of laundry and I just want to sleep... Just one more road trip... 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week of Weeks Version 28

We packed our new van to the brim last Saturday and headed for the Ozarks for Wyss Vacation... ok, so there was still plenty of room but it felt like we had to take everything and the kitchen sink.  The resort didn't provide towels or soap so that plus all the baby gear plus swim stuff and toys... ayiyiyiyi.
 Cecily travelled really well.  Emmy just slept.
 O man, I haven't driven down 54 in years!  So many memories... so many landmarks are gone!  Janet's is gone, the "Eat here, get worms" sign is gone, the drive-in is closed... *sigh* 

It took us about 6 hours to get there- not too bad.  We were all glad to get out of the van though! 
 Cecily had lots of fun with Jaci and Kebe and Shena and the rest of her host of admirers.
 Jaci had fun toys.
 Emmy was thrilled to meet Austin.  haha. 
 Little miss ordered everyone to "Ca'mere!  Ride the horsey!"
 One afternoon we were swimming in the lake and she "pushed" everyone off the dock.  She thought it was hilarious until Daddy pushed her off the dock.  haha.  We heard "Daddy pushed me inna water, that naughty him?"  for a while. 
Odd child was singing "Bringing in the sheaves" out in the water so we sang it for her Wednesday night...  

Just chilling with Aunt Pearline. *grin*
Maybe the funniest moment of the week:  Lena and Shelly and I were standing outside one evening talking when two teenage boys (who were also staying at the resort) sauntered up and asked if we wanted to play pool with them... Lena, who is amazing at conversing with strangers, told them that we were all right just chatting.  So then they asked what we were talking about... oh, you know, life, children, our HUSBANDS.... hahahahaha.  O my word.  Teenager #1: "Wait, you're married?  How old are you?"  Oh, you know, 29, 23, and 20... and I have two kids...  Teenager #2:  "Dude, we're barking up the wrong tree."  So funny.  Granted, it was dark, but still!  They were slightly embarrassed since they were both only 16.  But then they just wouldn't leave.  And it just kept getting more awkward.  Finally, all the cousins who had been playing mini golf got back and I made my escape.    

Also in the running for funniest part of the week- minute to win it games!  So funny to watch, plus my team won.  Passing an orange around- I love Jaci's face... and that Clayton has no hole in his head.  *grin*
Uncle Ron attempting to knock down bottles with an orange in the foot of panty hose worn on his head.  I had to do this for my team and I was very bad at it.

So it's awfully nice to have an ER doctor in the family... Clayton's head connected with either an ankle or a knee cap while tubing and broke a bone in his skull... he had/has a dent in his face.  It looks really weird. Could be worse though, I mean, he was managing to eat oreos... while heavily medicated. haha. 

Cecily talkin' to Fred a lil' bit. 
 There were some nerdy games played in our cabin a few evenings.  And somebody thought she needed to play a game too...  princess dominos and Stone Age... quite the combination.
 Drawing in Grandma's cabin in her swim suit.
 Emmy chilling by the pool- she was so good all week!
 Cecily had a great time playing with "Max."  This was the day, though, that the owner's son Harrison was at the pool.  She did not want to share her squirt gun with "Arry," "it's not him's squirt gun."  Oh dear.    
 Talking to Grandpa a lil' bit.
 We went for a short ride on "Uncle Ron's fishing boat."  Her hair was in her face, we got a little wet, and she almost fell asleep.  Good times.
 Lake of the Ozarks is pretty where there aren't resorts...
 Checking out the fish in the live well of Uncle Ron's boat.
We picked the hottest day of the week to go to the outlet mall.  Not a good plan with a small baby in a stroller.  But we survived and I came home with Sperry's.  So now I can be all cool like my cousins.  Or something. 

Hehe. Rita and Emmy, napping on the deck.
 Grandpa and Grandma.  Awww.
 I can't want to take a nap. 
 Aunt Shelly took her out in Grandpa's "kayak-boat."  She also got to go paddle boarding with Aunt Lena.  She thought she was big stuff.
 By the last day she was kind of tired of swimming, but we still went to the elephant pool for a little bit. 
That evening, the water line got hit by a boat trailer so we didn't have water in our cabin...  good times. 

Then we woke up bright and early and packed up and drove home.  We made it without incident... I was a little jumpy after the bad accident that killed some semi-local people happened a few miles from our resort... and then we saw a boat trailer get a flat tire... and a guy riding his four-wheeler in his yard rolled it as we went by... eesh-osh. 

It was a good week- although more of a "family trip" than a vacation... since, you know, it's not really a vacation when you've got kids along.  *grin*  I got to see all of my cousins except two! We are blessed.