Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer smells like ripe sweetcorn

Summer is produce. Lots of produce.
Thursday evening Bob and I got to go to Steve and Mary's for supper with James and Brenda and some other young(ish) couples.  (We're really not in the young newlywed category anymore... ayiyiyi we're getting old.)  It was a really enjoyable evening- and so quiet without the girls. :)
We went to the farm last Friday to do some sweet corn.  The big girls helped shuck and clean and then they went to play with Grandma and Grandpa while I cut it off and cooked and bagged it.  It was also so cold for August!   I'm not usually shivering on the porch whilst doing corn...
 Little Emmy likes to do dishes. Both of her grandmas are very obliging.
 Saturday we did some work in the garden and the yard.  Cadence tried to take a bite out of every tomato.
 Bob is enjoying the pole saw he got for Christmas. This poor tree is slowly dying.  We had an arborist come look at our trees and this Ash and the Redbud need to be taken down.  Sad news.  But, like I said, Bob is enjoying cutting down the limbs he can reach with his saw.
 This is the "Restaurant of teddy grahams."  They ate almost a whole box and then didn't eat much supper.  But, I got work done: it was a good trade.
 Sunday evening was a lovely night for a band concert at the park.  We went a little bit early so the girls could play on the awesome playground that I remember playing on.
 I was worried that it would be packed and it wasn't so they got to do lots of exploring.
 When Mom and Dad heard we were going to be there, they decided to come too.... and Matt and Lena were eating out with them so they brought Jack...
 Eating popcorn and listening to the band.
Nathan and Shelly showed up too, so it was pretty much a family reunion.  Ha.  It was so fun.  I love band concerts at the park.  The second half of the show featured performances by Gym Corner gymnasts to go with the music.  Cecily thought that was pretty cool and now she thinks she needs to learn how to do gymnastics too.  She wanted me to teach her how to do cartwheels the next day.  In the front yard.  Our across the street neighbor never bats an eye, but I'm sure we provide much amusement...  one day I'm running around trying to catch butterflies for the girls, the next day I'm doing cartwheels..... and since I'm over thirty it hurts the next day!  :P
When we were buying seeds this spring the girls grabbed a bunch of seed packets that they wanted to plant.  We really didn't have room for watermelon, but I planted them and figured we wouldn't actually grow any.  But we did!  These two grew outside of the garden fence, and we were debating when to pick them when the little one split.  It was ready and tasted pretty good- we'll cut into the big one in the next day or so and see if it's good or not.
 They each have a treasure box for rocks/sticks/leaves that we keep in the garage.  They were lining up their treasures one afternoon.
 Tuesday we were invited to my Great-uncle's pond for the afternoon.  It was a really nice day for swimming.  (And they treat the pond so there isn't any "icky moss." City kids.)
 Exploring with little Gideon.
 Russell and Cecily were catching little minnows.  Cadence thought she could paddle board by herself. Emmy was moving sand from the beach to the lake. It was a lovely afternoon.
 I can climb!  Now I can make messes on the floor and on the table!
 We attempted to get Cadence's one year pictures taken.  Except she fell asleep in the car and was a total grouch when she woke up.  So we rescheduled.  Only to have them call me today to say they are closing permanently and they won't be taking any more pictures.  *sigh*  Poor kid will be practically 2 before we get 1 year pictures done!  Of course, she perked up when we stopped at the playground.
 We did get to do the second half of our shopping that day.  We told Cecily that once she's in Kindergarten she doesn't need to take a big toy bag to church, we'd go buy her a purse to put a few things in.  And, she had a lot of skirts/skorts to wear this summer and she reeealllly wanted dresses, so I said we could go shopping for a first day of school dress.  She picked out this pink purse for church and a dress for school.  We also came home with things for Emmy and Cadence because they were feeling a little left out.  This is why I online shop when they are asleep.  She was so excited and actually wanted to go to Wednesday night church just to show off her purse.  Hehe.
 I hosted sewing club on Thursday night.  Bob took the girls to his parents' for the evening.  I confess that I spent a few minutes just sitting enjoying the quiet before I got food ready....  we had mashed potato bar with mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, and lots of toppings.  And I made cheesecake for the first time ever.  They turned out pretty good, I guess?  I'm not a big cheesecake fan- I'd probably rather eat a cake or fruit based dessert- but with the right crust they are gluten free and the mashed potato bar is gluten free and we have two with Celiac in our group, so why not.
Friday the girls went to play at "Betty's house."  I hear alllll  about Betty's house.  Pretty much, it's cooler than our house. hehe.  While they were there, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought too much fabric and patterns because they were 99 cents.  They had this Mario princess pattern and someone is so excited to get a dress like Princess Peach.  Except I didn't get any fabric for that.
In the evening Cecily went to KIDS day and Emmy was very jealous.  Poor kid.
Saturday we did some swimming.  Someone couldn't wait to put her swimsuit on.  Silly baby.
 And made 7 quarts of tomato sauce.
 Bob spent the evening at Dang's so I took the girls to the grade school playground.  Cadence has no fear.
 Sunday was the first day of Sunday School for Emmy!  She was so happy to finally get to do something like Cecily!  She came home singing her version of "Only a Boy Named David" and told us she didn't sing "This Little Light of Mine."
 So this stray cat has taken up residence under the neighbors porch.  The girls think it's the best thing ever.  Cadence loves it.
 It doesn't seem to mind the girls at all.
 I'm so glad it's at the neighbors and not trying to live at our house.....
Bob got the girls an illustrated version of, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."  Cecily 'reads' it to Emmy.
So far this week we've got the Piano tuned, 7 quarts of peaches canned, and the girls got to go to babysitting night at "Christy's house."  They had a blast and will probably try and invite themselves over again sometime.  (Ryan has been relegated to being "Christy's man." Haha. Sorry Ryan.) Bob and I ate Sonic in peace and quiet and got the garbage collected and taken out.  This is how we date night eight years and 3 kids in.  Woot!

Thursday, August 03, 2017


Well.  (It's a deep subject.  hahaha)  We survived Wyss Vacation version 31.  The week before was a little bit stressful because Bob worked late pretty much every night and I tried to pack in all of the things I've been putting off doing- vacation is a great deadline and I need deadlines.  So Friday night I took the girls to McDonalds because I was tired.  Cadence is not afraid of climbing or slides.
So we got this book from the library; "Nanette's Baguette."  It's a tongue twister.  The girls were pretty convinced we needed to bake a baguette.  I'm not that great with yeast and it was the day before vacation so they settled for Mel's 1-hour breadsticks. They wanted to eat them for bedtime snack.    
 Saturday was spent packing and picking beans and in general excitation.  I was exhausted and the girls wouldn't go to sleep.  We went to morning church on Sunday and then came home, loaded up, and left for the Ozarks!  They traveled great- we didn't have to stop at all.
Soooooo excited!!  Also trying to unpack everything even if I didn't want it unpacked yet.
 Grandma introduced them to Amelia Bedelia.
The first couple of days were so hot.  But, they wanted to catch butterflies. 
We didn't have any luck, just got really hot and sweaty climbing all the stairs at the resort.  
The pool wasn't even that cold, but it helped a little bit.  Cadence is hanging out with Lys, Justice is bumping into Bob, Emmy is just happily swimming along being Emmy, and Cecily is, of course, seeing if that boy wants to swim with her.  She made several friends that week.   
We were looking at the resort website before we left and the girls saw the "other area attractions" included caves.  They of course decided that meant that we were going to see a cave.  Positively convinced that we were going to a cave.  "When are we going to the cave?" "I want to explore the cave!"  Haha.  We weren't really planning on going to a cave, but they were so insistent and Dad agreed to come with me, so on the hottest day of the week we went and explored a cave at a State Park not far away.  I hadn't packed jackets since it was going to be 90 something all week so they got new sweatshirts at walmart for the occasion.  Emmy was so excited and wanted to carry the brochure. 
Waiting semi-patiently for our tour to start.  
 I think they both enjoyed it.  It was the most cave-y cave I've ever been in.  There was no electricity so we all got to carry lanterns, even the girls.  The ceiling was pretty low in a few spots, and the passageway was narrow and twisty and required ducking a lot.  Emmy walked most of the way and wasn't too scared when we turned off all the lanterns.  Cecily loved it and wanted to keep going into the cave past where the tour turned around.  It was so nice and cool inside and then we had to walk out into the humidity... Good times.  Bob and Cadence enjoyed the air conditioning and naps at the cabin.
Waiting for supper.
 Coloring pictures with Kebe and Shena.  "I'm going to make this girl look like you!"
Getting ready to celebrate Raegan's birthday.  They were soooo happy.   
Cecily is willing to race against all takers.  She wins most of the time.  "It's ok, you can't win everytime!" 
We swam a lot, sometimes twice a day.  It was just as fun after supper because it would get dark and the lights would come on in the pool.  Ha. I didn't get many swimming pictures because I spent my pool time counting to three, and holding at least one child.    

Uncle Jakey came for the weekend.  Uncle Jakey feeds me cookies.  :) 
Playing with Jack's cars, grandpa, and Gideon. 
And Playing "Doh-doh." 
On our last day we bummed a boat ride from Kray.  Emmy was a little bit nervous. 
Cadence was not. 
She pretty much went from person to person until we got outside the no-wake zone. 
The lake was super choppy and it's not a very big boat and we got splashed and Emmy was done and we did a short loop and went back to the dock.  Good times.   

Shelly brought ingredients for Lemon shake-ups and delivered them to the swim dock.  Neal and Kim rented that floating 'chill pad' for the afternoon.  Cecily had a great time on it; Emmy was content to paddle around a little closer to the ladder.  Pretty much #myvacationisbetterthanyourvacation
And then it was over and we had to pack up and come home.   
I think I was more tired than when we left (since we all slept in the same room and Cadence didn't sleep) but we went to lake day Monday afternoon. None of the girls were interested in swimming and Cadence pretty much ate sand.  
I'm starting to feel caught up again- we've unpacked, did laundry, mowed, picked vegetables, and cleaned.  The garden is still weedy, but I'm not sure I care enough to go weed it.  :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

In the good old summertime

Summer seems to be flying by.  Our garden is suddenly full of produce that needs to be taken care of.  Woot.  And girls that need to play.  The littlest daredevil figured out how to climb the slide, promptly fell off, and has a nice bruised cheek that is only now starting to fade.  So much for one year pictures. 
We have a rodent problem.  So far this year we've caught three voles in the garden.  The potatoes were still getting eaten so we decided to cut our losses and dig them early.  We ended up getting some decent sized potatoes and we have more in the potato fridge than last year.  Bob was making a pile and mentioned getting a bucket to put them in.  Helpful little Emmy ran off, "I will get a bucket!!"  We needed slightly bigger buckets.  :)
Sorting the chewed potatoes from the good potatoes.
Helping dig.
 This was the morning that the across the road neighbors got a new roof.  They pulled up chairs to watch.  And tried to shout things to them across the road all afternoon.  *sigh*  I'm not sure how they're related to me.
Cecily was pretty sure we were going to get a new roof the next day, even though U. Dennis had a really long waiting list and we hadn't heard for sure when they could get to us.  Well, guess who was so excited to wake up to "workermans" on the roof.  (Guess who was not so excited to wake up to pounding and thumping? Me.)
 It was so hot.  The heat index was over 100 and we had three guys on our roof- but it didn't seem to bother them.  They worked all day long in long sleeves, took very few short breaks, and didn't leave until the light was gone that night.  I was impressed, I for sure don't ever work that hard, definitely not in the heat.  We were only outside briefly because we are wimps.  They were speaking Spanish and my poor sheltered children were so confused.  "Are they talking Japanese?  Will they have to fly home to go to bed?"  I have failed.  Haha.  The guy driving the dump trailer gave Cecily a bike... with a bent front wheel, but she doesn't care.  It doesn't have training wheels so she thinks it's great.
Watching the shingles get delivered.
 We went to the kids swim time at the pool one morning and had the place to ourselves.  There was an aerobics class in the big pool and Cecily was "mermaid dancing" to their music.  Rather hilarious.  In the afternoon Cecily went to the eye doctor for her pre-kindergarten checkup.  I think she has my eyes... she doesn't need glasses yet, but she probably will.  Poor girl.
Friday and Saturday I was super productive!  I cleaned the house while the girls were at Emily's.  Cadence fell asleep on the way home so while she was napping I weeded the garden and picked beans. The big girls went to play next door at Miss Crystal's while I was in the garden so I didn't have to referee.  Then in the evening I mowed when Bob got home. I stayed up waaay too late finishing my latest sewing project and it was totally worth it.
Saturday I trimmed the boxwoods while Bob and the girls pulled onions because some of them were starting to rot; I'm hoping they didn't have some disease. The big girls helped me peel them and then I chopped them up in my food processor and filled 21 pint bags for the freezer.    Woot!  The whole house smelled and I had to wear my lab goggles to not cry, but hey, chopped onion for soup this winter!
The girls got dropped off at Bob's parents' and I cleaned up and got dessert ready for potluck.  I wore the shirt I finished the night before. (And a skirt I made a while ago. Huh.  I didn't plan that.) Please excuse the cheesy grin and bad selfie.  I was just so excited about that scalloped neckline.  It took me three tries to get it right- hence the 1 am finish time. I love my serger and jersey knit!  Anyway.  Potluck was a good time as always.
After two busy productive days and a Sunday in church, I was pretty worn out but off we went to the annual Koch water fight.   Dennis and Michelene rented this mammoth water slide.  That little purple blur in the foreground is Emmy running away because she didn't want to go anywhere near the slide.  She stuck to the kiddie pools.
Little squishy had just woken up from her nap, but never seemed to perk up.  She also was very warm.... poor baby had a fever and just wanted to sit in my lap, so that's what I did all evening.
 Cecily spent the night going up and down the slide.  She loved it.
And then we came home and crashed.  Well sort of.  I was up a few times with the sick one, but it didn't last much more than 24 hours and she's back to her usual busy, ornery self.
The girls like to help snip beans.  So I let them.  Even though we waste a lot of good bean in the "fetzes" pile.
I finished two rainbow-ish quilts for two rainbow babies.  There's a really quick method to sew jelly-roll strips together and it ended up the perfect size for two little quilts.  Hooray for baby gifts and using up scraps and sewing in the nice cool basement!
 Oh, this picture makes me weary.  Our washing machine didn't have its own drain, it drained into this ancient utility sink and something was clogged.  So I came downstairs to find this.  Ugh.  The coat hanger snake trick didn't work after I had bailed out all the water so we called Tim.
I the meantime I still had laundry and diapers to wash so we went on an adventure to the laundromat.  They were fascinated.
Clearly, I don't get them out of the house enough.  "Look!  Cadence's diapers are going around like a carnival!!"
"Look at them go around, Mom!"  Then they pushed Cadence around and talked to the kind gentleman who just wanted to read his paper while his load dried...
 Tim and U. Howard came today and reworked the laundry/sink plumbing.  Now the washer gets an actual standpipe and its own p-trap!
 And the sink drain now has a proper p-trap (I hate the 60's- especially the plumbing)! And the most beautiful thing of all, a cleanout!  Isn't modern plumbing the most gloriously wonderful thing???  
I'm also very glad we're related to them because within 5 minutes of their arrival the girls had shared our upcoming vacation plans and we left the house to run errands....
It's so hot.  We went outside after supper hoping it had cooled down a bit.  Nope.  Still 93 and humid.  We picked some zucchini and came right back inside.