Friday, July 07, 2017

Farm, First Birthday, and the Fourth

Fair warning: there are a plethora of pictures in this rather long post.   
We went to the farm on Tuesday to hang out and swim.  Mom and Dad got out the cow tank from the good old days and filled it for the grandkids to swim in.   
Gideon and Cadence stuck to the kiddie pool.
 They've also acquired one of these- never would get us one, but anything for the grandkids! Imagine maniacal laughter from Emmy as she drives straight towards you.  In fits and starts, because she's still a little scared of it.
Double trouble.
 Little squishy found the kitchen.
And Emmy found the markers.
We went to the grocery store on our way home and picked out some roses for Cadence's first birthday.  Why yes, I would love to try one!  Silly girl.
Cecily got invited to a birthday party on Wednesday, and Sprout came over for lunch.  She brought Emmy's belated birthday present and helped soften the blow of not getting to go with Cecily.
This little girl found her birthday present and was "driving" it all over the house.  I guess we chose well!  
Emmy got a toy cleaning set from Susan and they were so excited to clean!  Why aren't they this excited when I'm ready to clean for real?
We had spaghetti for supper since it was Cadence's birthday and she seems to enjoy spaghetti.  
A cupcake and cookies!
 We let her open one present.  (Mostly for the sake of the older two. Ha.)
It's my airplane!
Then we enjoyed the beautiful evening with some chalk art...  so typical; Marci is hard at work in her yard and we are not.  
 Emily has been watching the girls for a few hours on Fridays so I started working on Cadence's cake. (For her party.)  I copied two different cakes I found online, and I was pretty pleased with the results.  I made gumpaste flowers, strawberry buttercream, and filled them with strawberry jam.  All over a box funfetti cake mix.  Ha.  Maybe someday I'll learn how to bake a cake from scratch.
The edible paper butterflies are so fun!  I'm not sure I had a theme, but since I made lemon-lavender cookies too, maybe something summer garden-y? It all turned out so pretty.
And I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of the cakes and cookies. I was just so excited at how they turned out. Please forgive me. :)
Impatiently waiting for the guests to arrive! They were driving me crazy so I made them go outside to wait...
So a small, just family, party is not really very small anymore.  Jack and Gideon found the toys.
Cadence opened her presents.
And then migrated to grandma and opened a few more.
And then lost interest so Emmy helped.
 Another cake!
 She didn't even try to stick the butterflies in her mouth!  Shocker!  Usually everything goes in her mouth!
 Yum.  She very daintily ate frosting.
And then decided she was done.
O little Emmy.  Are you ready to go outside?  No, still eating!
Little dare devil.   She doesn't want to swing sitting down anymore.
Here comes Emmy!
Eating dirt.  Dad would react and she would grin.... a lovely black dirt grin.
The teeter- totter with Gideon is probably a better activity than eating dirt.
Bob took the 3rd off work and he filled both pools for the girls.
And brought us snacks to eat in the shade.
 An evening outside.  They dress themselves.  And she's wearing Cadence's new birthday sunglasses.
She likes to help unload the dishwasher.  I only have to rewash a few things...
For the 4th, I cut their sandwiches and watermelon into stars.
 So festive.
 Cadence has been walking more and more, and also trying to climb into her high chair.  She gets stuck and squeals until someone rescues her.
 I dyed half the spaghetti blue so we could have red, white, and blue spaghetti.  Yay pinterest.  One of my children refuses to eat colored noodles;  tri-colored rotini is vile, in her estimation.  But she did manage to choke down a few blue "worms."
Emmy ate jello.  And that's pretty much all she ate.  
 After supper we went to Ron and Kary's for fireworks.  Cadence found a comfy seat. Ha.
They have lots of great toys for the kids to play with.
Mom, can my new friend have a glowing star necklace too?  Sure... what's your friends name? Um, why don't you ask her?  Haha.... oh Cecily. This is Haley, and they happen to be third cousins if you're keeping track.
 I found Grandma's phone!
 Cecily liked the fireworks, though she spent half the time playing.  Emmy wasn't so sure but she was pretty brave.  Cadence was more interested in chewing on glowsticks.
When they were over we had root beer floats while we waited for traffic to die down.  Silly little Emmy enjoyed her snack so much and took so long to eat it, "I didn't get to play with toys any more!"  Poor kid.  Then she was wandering around the house at 3am trying to turn lights on.  It was a late night for them so they slept in, which was great.
They swam a little bit.  And sailed the turtle lid a little bit.
 I heard squealing and found this.  Ayiyi.  
Today we went to Cadence's 1 year checkup in the morning, came home briefly for lunch, and then went swimming in the afternoon.  We went to Summer's pool- she wasn't home, but Mom, Shelly, and Lena joined us.  The girls did pretty well swimming.  Cecily jumped off the diving board a lot.  Emmy started trusting her life jacket and didn't have to cling to someone the entire time she was in the water, which was nice.  They also spent as much time on the swing set as they did in the water.
 Then in the evening I got to hang out with these wonderful ladies! (plus Abree, who was so good we hardly knew she was there.) It was good for my soul.  We haven't all been together for ages.  We met for supper at One World and then went across the street to the Little Raven Creamery for dessert.  I got a cake shake, which was amazing.  Good times, and it made my heart happy.


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